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My g.g.grand dad Frederick Lancaster was in the 1st WW in East Africa with the mounted division.He came to South Africa as a young man from England, married Minnie Kitt in Cape Town. He owned a horse drawn taxi service in Green Point Cape Town. Can anyone share any more light on him.
Debbie Petzer nee Lancaster
29 January 2017
My Gt Gt Grandfather was Cornelius Lancaster, b.1823. Would like to make contact with other descendants.
gwen (nee Lancaster)
17 January 2017
I'm looking for any relation to a Norman Thomas Lancaster born on 26.july 1960 died 16th may 1990 or a Norman douglas Lancaster born 26.july 1960 died 16th may 1991 he was living in Southwark London at time of death he had a sister who lived in Ladbroke Grove north London
14 January 2017
John William Lancaster 1866 - 1943 Born in Chesterfield and died in London. Minnie Florence Bohay was his second wife. His father was also John Lancaster. Difficult to research. Help!
Libby Bellhouse
7 January 2017
My father was Alec Lancaster born 1901. Son of George Lancaster and Selena Waldron. George was a shepherd. This ties in with his fathers occupation, sheep- bell maker from Great Cheverall in Wiltshire. This last item has come from the historian of Great Cheverall, who also supplied the address. 121 High Street Great Cheverall (l850,s) If you think that this fits your family please contact me.
Margaret New (nee Lancaster)
27 December 2016
My tree shows a cousin - Amy Laura Askew (or Asque) marrying George Sydney Lancaster (also shown as Sydney George) in 1908 in Luton. He was born in Luton in 1886, she was born in Ravensden in 1889, and they had a son Frederick Sydney George Luton in 1908/9, also born in Luton. If any of this sounds familiar and you think you can add to my tree, or that I might be able to help with your tree, please contact me. Thanks.
Ralph Buck
22 August 2016
My GG Grandfather William Lancaster was born in Leeds, 1863 died in Wigan, 1939. He married Marion Jamieson in 1885 before moving to Australia and having 4 children. I know nothing about Williams parents and would appreciate any assistance.
Paul Lancaster
10 August 2016
So this is a long shot. My mom just found out that her biological father's name is James (Jimmie) L.Lancaster. We don't have a DOB or a full middle name. We beleive that he was born between 1920-1924. He was in the Army during WWII and he was stationed at Camp San Luis Obispo in 1944 and 1945. If anyone has any information about this person, please contact me. God Bless!
Kena Sannar
12 April 2016
Hi I am looking for my relatives. my dad was born uk and his mother died from child birth. I would like to find my grandfthers brothers children. my grandfather was douglas Herbert n Finney born 1911 his brother eric james parker finney born in
vanessa Hills
21 March 2016
Hey all I am looking for anybody who could be related to my father Norman Lancaster, I don't know a lot about the family as my father was killed in rotherhithe south London when my mum was pregnant with me in 1991 and sadly lost contact, Infact I don't think they even know I exist! Anything would be a start would love to know more about my father and the family I don't know. Thanks Jamie
10 March 2016
Looking for death information and any family in England, of my G.G.Grand Father Robert Lancaster Born 14 Feb. 1818 in Surrey. Married Harriet Finch. Died after the American Civil War on his way back to England to bring his family to Utah. He may have died at sea. Thanks for any help.
George A Lancaster
22 February 2016
My grandmother Henrietta (Ellison) married Charles Wliiam Lancaster in 1894 in Liverpool, UK. According to the 1911 census they had 6 children, Amelia, Ellen, Hannah, John, Esther and Alice. Would dearly love to hear from any descendants of the above. I believe Hannah may have married a William H Eames in 1922 at St Savior, Everton. Would be very grateful for any information.
Liz Gokdstobe
7 February 2016
Does anyone know anything about William Finney (1710-1813) he was 103 and buried with his daughter Grace in Ripon Cathedral Yorkshire. His wife was Easther/Esther (abt1739-d1813). Lieut William Finney RN (1761-1828). Dorohy (1774-1809) and Grace above (1776-1827) Di
di middlemass
27 January 2016
Fox Lancaster - proving difficult to trace. Married to Sarah (surname not yet known)he had three children in SCARBOROUGH Yorkshire in the 1790s, namely George, Fox, and Sarah. Has anyone come across this family? Any information would be very welcome!
Julia, Glos England
22 January 2016
I am looking for descendants of a Basingstoke Admiral - Sir James Lancaster (c. 1554 - 1618). Commander of first East India Company voyage in 1601. Apprenticeship to Skinners' Co. He did not marry but had three brothers and three sisters. Hoping to connect the family tree with James Holland Lancaster, born circa 1814. Is Sir James Lancaster in your tree?
Beth Forster (nee Lancaster)
18 January 2016
Hello. I have been tracing my Lancaster line. Anyone interested let me know. I descend from William B: 1736; William B: 1762; Joseph B: 1787 through Mary B: 1863 who married William Sweet.
Sue Lathrop
23 November 2015
I was born in Liverpool England, 1949. My mother was Eileen Lancaster McCarthy who was also born in Liverpool in 1925. I know I have relatives on my mother's side who I believe still live in Liverpool. They are her brother Alfred Lancaster's children/grandchildren and I'd love to find any of them. They have numerous cousin's here in Texas and I know everyone would be elated to hear from them. One is my Cousin, Joan Lancaster who married William(Billy) Ramsey and her brother who is Allen (Alan?) Lancaster. I have not had any luck getting phone#s for either of them. Any help will be welcomed
Patricia Anderson
17 November 2015
to Gwen nee lancaster post 2013 my great great great grandfather was William Lancaster who son George was married in Liverpool. Trying to get more infomation
William O'Gorman
14 November 2015
I am looking for Walter Harold Sylvester Lancaster b. 1857 in Richmond, Surrey, England. Thank you.
8 November 2015
Joseph Holland Lancaster, born 1850,m.1876,d.1903. Timber Merchant. Liverpool. Are you a descendant?
gwen (nee Lancaster)
8 November 2015
My GG (x4) Grandfather (1768-1824) was bought up by a "Mr Finney" in Ripon York. Does anyone know a connection to that family or a tree please Di
Di Middlemass
23 October 2015
Iam searching for family of Elizabeth Lancaster ,married name Crosten .We know she lived in Wigan and maybe her husband worked in coal .She moved to Castleton ,eventualy bought a farm in Newhey and did pig farming .Elizabeths daughter Gladys was my grandma .Elizabeth was buried in Wigan about the 1940s.Hope someone can help .
Angela Wood
22 October 2015
looking for WW2 Private Thomas Albert Lancaster add a baby girl called Ann born Salford Manchester1944
31 August 2015
I am looking for any one who had any contact with my father George Carlyle Lancaster DOB 3-12-1919
sam jones
20 August 2015
My father was Robert James Lancaster born in Fulham, London, UK b.1906. We have our family tree at Any new information or contacts would be very welcome.
William Lancaster
1 August 2015
I am looking for Alan Lancaster who was in the Royal Artillary in WW11. He was in India in 1945.
Carol Ludlow
16 July 2015
Check the will 0f Robert norman 1617 of Bucks, England that names a Paule Lancaster as a friend and also a Maude and Sylvester as his children and also a daughter of Paules as his servant (I don't know her name. Robert was 70 yrs old at his death and I assume that Paule was born about 1580 ???. I believe the village was Winslow, Bucks.
Viola (Norman) Hoar
10 June 2015
I'm looking for history of my family. I am from Georgia and my great grandfathers name was George Washington Lancaster. I want any information i can get on older ancestors.
7 May 2015
Hi I am John David Lancaster, living in the UK. My family originated in Kent and were Lankester until around 1799. The name was changed to Lancaster around that time. The family kept a pub called the Angel Inn until around 1900, when they moved to Norwich. Any one think they could be related.
3 May 2015
Trying to trace my husband David's Lancaster side of the family. His father was Ronald Clive (1920-1981)West Maitland NSW; son of William T (1889- ) Singleton NSW and Edith Lillian Bowles; son of James (1867-) Patricks Plain NSW and Mary-Anne Allen; son of Issac (1796-1888) Buttermere Brigham C Cumbria England and Mary-Ann Shaw. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone in your quest.
Kerstin Lancaster
24 February 2015
My Father Peter Lancaster was born Egham Surrey 1920, my Grandfather was Sidney Lancaster, my Gt Grandfather was Joseph Lancaster of Hounslow, my GtGt Grandfather also Joseph of Richmond Surrey. My Mother Marjorie maiden name Pafford did significant family tree work if anyone interested or related.
Cris (Crispin) Lancaster
24 February 2015
I am descended from James Lancaster, born in Ireland around 1838. One record from N.Y.City shows his father was Henry Lancaster. Any knowledge of these Irish born Lancaster's would be most appreciated.
Jerrilyn Delaney
15 February 2015
My late husband started researching my Lancaster family tree but unfortunately I have not been able to unlock all the work he did!! I was born in Penrith Cumberland and have a large family still living in the area so will be using this site again. Watch this space!!
5 February 2015
I am looking for ancestors of John LANCASTER B.1765 Cumberland, England. Married Mary HEAVISIDE B. 1767, Durham England
Jill Lancaster
18 January 2015
Hi Looking for ancestors of John Lancaster and Elizabeth Scott of Keswick Cumbria. Johns mother was Mary Sealby. John and Elizabeth migrated to Australia in the 1852. Have now been able to find ancestors of John Lancaster back to 1556 - any more info appreciated Judy Lancaster
Judy Lancaster
8 January 2015
Hi Looking for descendants of John Lancaster and Elizabeth Scott of Keswick Cumbria. Johns mother was Ellen. John and Elizabeth migrated to Australia in the 1850s Judy Lancaster
Judy Lancaster
7 January 2015
Hi Looking for descendants of John Lancaster and Elizabeth Scott of Keswick Cumbria. Johns mother was Ellen. John and Elizabeth migrated to Australia in the 1850s
Judy Lancaster
9 December 2014
My great (3x's great) grandfather was Benjamin Lancaster from Burnham, Maine and was born in 1814. His wife was Lois N and she was born in 1823. Please email me if you know his father's name... Children: Sarah born in 1823 and Ellen born in 1844.
Lori Beaucage
8 December 2014
I am looking for information on John Seymour Astley and Thomas Philip Astley father-in-law and husband respectively of Ffrangcon Astley nee Finney. Any details appreciated. Regards, Roy
Roy Smith
3 December 2014
If anyone has any info on King George Lancaster,my grandfather All I know is our family lived in South Georgia. He had two sons, Terrell, Gerald and three girls Hazel, Rita, and Ray Lancaster
Terrell Lancaster Jr.
13 November 2014
I am lookin for my father charlie hunt for liverpool he use to visit manchester and met my mother margaret lingard around 1981
katie lingard
10 October 2014
Katherine Evelyn Lancaster (1862 - 1933) is my 2nd great grandmother. She married Walter Ernest Doe, my maternal 2nd great grandfather.
Lu (Lurlene) Rond Heaney
27 August 2014
My paternal grandparents (Claud Richard Lancaster and Mabel Whitfield Lancaster) lived in Mountain View, Arkansas. I was always told that their parents had migrated directly from England to Mountain View during the late 1800's. They had 4 children (Lyndon, Darrell, Claudine and Doug). Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Wendy Lancaster Nahmias
16 August 2014
Tommy Lancaster the Pitman's champion was married to Mary Stephenson my Grandfather Alexander's sister. The family were very proud of him and he was in his day very famous.
Marguerite burrell
10 August 2014
Anyone help with information about T H A Lancaster from Brighton Sussex.
Bev Waller
9 August 2014
Hi im joey Lancaster born in Toronto Ontario my mother was sherry her legal name is Sherri Anne Marie Lancaster I don't know much on my mother side I looking to find family on my mom side she past away 2 years ago she had family in Calgary here in Canada she had 3 kids only one brother I know but my family split only one left with the family name I would like answers to my heritage plz an thanks
Joey E. Lancaster
29 May 2014
hi I was born sharron gail Lancaster my father Sydney George Lancaster was born in luton Bedfordshire England, his mother's name was eva rose Elizabeth Lancaster she was born 1902.her son my dad was born 1920 when eva was eighteen I would love to her from anybody that may know about her.
sharron jennings
14 May 2014
Hi, I'm actually adopted and im trying to find my birth parents. The most information I can give about my birth family is that my Birth mum was called Cheryl Lancaster, her sister was called Sarah Lancaster. My dad was called Rennie Blakeway
Ryan Nickisson
27 April 2014
I'm trying to email Bill/Liz Hurford but details must have changed. There was a family reunion here in ChCh New Zealand Urgent this, thanks Paul
Paul Mulvaney
26 March 2014
My Gggrandmother was Sabrina Finney 1820-1867.My mother was a Mills Looking at your other trees I found in the Hunt tree Henry Marston 1832 at Norton.He married Caroline White who was my husband GGgrandmothers Hannahs sister. Hannah married Charles Oakley and both families lived in Norton, It's a small world.Mary Robinson
Mary Robinson
26 February 2014
Hello everyone. I am the great, great grandson of William Lancaster born about April 1853 somewhere in North Carolina (USA). This side of the the family some how ended up in Carrol, Ohio which is where my grandfather was born who then moved to Canton, Ohio which is where my mother was born. If anyone can help me connect the dots with William Lancaster and his history, please let me know!! Thank you sooo much!!
Walter Williams II
13 February 2014
My father Jack had a brother Willard sister Carolyn looks for all siblings
Stacey Lancaster
18 January 2014
I know this will sound wierd but I live in South carolina and I have a lancaster family grave yard on my property. I have spoke with numerous people from the family. They are not sure were they came from other than being told that grandfather 5 generations back came to the us as endentured servant to they believe the english.I have tombstones going back to 1774 which means that the person belonging to the oldest tombstone was born closer to 1700. The town I live in was named after a daught of a lancaster and his 2nd wife. If any of this could possibly be helpful to anyone please let me know. I would love to know more of the families history for the turists who frequent the graveyard.
Shayne Town
19 December 2013
Hi everyone, just wanted to share a wonderful result from a post I made on this site a year ago! My Father, Richard Grant Lancaster from Muncie, Indiana had a half sister (I didn't know his father had remarried) and her daughter got hold of me thru this site. I now have pics of my dad from his childhood that i had never seen, and her Mom has pics of him as an adult she had never seen. Our families lost touch somewhere along the line and it's amazing to share what we have all found in our search for our roots. So far we have determined our shared Ancestor was an indentured servant who came to Virginia USA from England. Still trying to get past that info and find the village or town they were from. So thank you for this site!
Jill Lancaster
17 December 2013
I really don't know much about my ancestors, because my dad never told me anything, (Paul Lancaster) So, can anyone help me? Thanks.
Eleanor May Lancaster
18 October 2013
We are searching the family of John Postlethwaite who came to America. The name is now spelled many different ways. I have some information but am having problems making the connections as we find so many Johns, and that seems to be the name of the first who came to America in the 1700's. Any help?
Betty Postletheweight
30 September 2013
I am a member the cumbrian lancasters, I believe my grandfather was called George, he married Helena Thompson, they had give children, Mary, John, David,Hannah and my dad Robert, the vast majority of Lancasters from our branch are mainly based in west Cumbria , although not sure where my grandfather originated
Angela Lancaster
11 September 2013
Grandson of Edward Lancaster (Nottingham) born 1908
David Lancaster
6 September 2013
Back on here 12 years since my last message and luckily after 8 years of going nowhere, i am back to my 3rd Great Grandfather, John lankester (Lancaster). He was born (dont know where) in 1796 and married Elizabeth Day, his son William born in Charsfield in suffolk 1838 – 1895 moved his wife Elizabeth Drane and children to Chelmsford in Essex. His son moved to Southampton and settled there. Do you have any connection to any of these people ? Please contact me as im stuck for the last year (again). Thanks
Ric Lancaster
25 July 2013
Any information on the death or burial of William Lancaster, about 1826-1845.age about 40-60.Lived in Liverpool but perhaps not died there.
Gwen (nee Lancaster)
10 June 2013
I am the great grandson of John Reynolds and Margaret Reynolds (nee Lancaster) My grandmother was Alice Reynolds who married Joseph Mason. Margaret Lancaster was the daughter of George Lancaster and Jane Gainey. Would be interested to hear from any other relatives from the Reynolds/ Lancaster union
Lindsay Mason
1 June 2013
forgot to put my dads name ISSAC LANCASTER ..BORN IN RYTON/WINLATON 1898
30 May 2013
my dad was from up north ..ryton/ winlaton / would love to hear from anyone who might be related to me ..he had sons ..robert , joseph, daughter issabella [i think] nancy dad was born on 19th dec 1898 and died in doncaster in 1964
30 May 2013
We are looking for male Finney's from England to participate in YDNA testing in the Finney DNA Project hosted by Family Tree DNA. So far we have identified 8 distinct Finney lineages with 3 of them having origins in England. 1)Thomas Finney b.1770 Eckington, Derby and d. 1865 - A Finney from this lineage matched YDNA with a Finney living in India whose ancestors left England in the 1600's to work for the East Indian Trading Co. 2) Mother Finney arrived in Plymouth in the American Colonies abt 1630 - this Finney lineage is descended from the Finney's at Nottinghamshire 3)A Finney lineage in Virginia appears to have English origins. This is the lineage of John Finney and Elizabeth Ward. If you would like more information on how to join our project please contact me at Gerald Finney Finney DNA Project Admin
Gerald Finney
21 May 2013
I'm looking to find my Lancaster family. Frederick married Louisa Savage in South Africa. His dad came from the UK in the late 1800's with the Kylies - who were prize fighters from Ireland. Can anyone shed more light on this side of the tree??
Debbie Petzer (Lancaster)
6 May 2013
Hello, I'm look for info on Richard Lancasters abt 1796 father (I believe too be) William abt.1758. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Dale Coombe
29 March 2013
My maternal grandfather John Lancaster was a 50 year old widower when he married Minnie Florence Bohay in 1917. His residence 112 Vauxhall Walk is I think the Black Dog Pub which would tie in with him being a publican. His father was also John Lancaster, cotton manufacturer. John and Minnie had three children Robert, Elizabeth and Vera (my mother). I would love to find out what happened to my uncle and aunt.
Libby Belhouse
18 March 2013
I am trying to help my mom find any birth relatives by the name Lancaster. She was adopted and given the name Mattie Lancaster at birth and was born on June 24, 1944 at City Hospital, borough of Manhattan,N.Y. Hospital was located on Roosevelt Island. At the time she was born she had 3 half siblings , male age 4, female age 3 and female age 1. The 1 yr old was also placed for adoption and by 1949 the birth mother had 2 more boys that were also Matties half brothers. I believe Lancaster was her married name but when she had Mattie she was divorced and she was 25 at the time of Matties birth. I am on Facebook if you need any more info. Please help us!
Dawn Marie Frontiero
28 February 2013
I am trying to find out more about my Mother Vera Adamson Lancaster and her family. All I have at the moment is her date of birth 29th May 1924, that her parents (or at any rate the names in Baptism register) are John Lancaster (publican) and Minnie Florence of 132 Venmore Street. I believe she had a brother and a sister, there may be half siblings as her father remarried. Is anyone able to help please.
Libby Belhouse
13 February 2013
I have been researching my mother Maud Lancaster's family tree for some years and now hitting lots of brick walls.She was youngest of 13 children of parents William, b 1855 and Eliza Johnson lived Kempston, Beds then Bedford, UK. Have rough tree going back to 1700s but would love to hear from anyone else out there researching same family. Brothers George and Frederick Joel settled in S Africa, and descendants of another brother Albert in Australia. Great site by the way! Wendy
wendy varvell
24 January 2013
Does TB Finney a prominent business man in Manchester late 1800's mean anything to anyone?
12 January 2013
my GGG grandfather was william born 1819 near Penrith,believe his wife was elizabeth .Emigrated to canada 1830. any info much appreciated.
curtis lancaster
17 December 2012
Hello, I noticed that you had an Edward Beedles in your family tree who dies in Bolton, in 1883. I am trying to track down what happened to an Edward Beadles / Beedles who married my gr. grandfathers' sister Mary Ann Vicars / Vickers in 1883, Bolton. She had two children with him but then married someone else in 1892. I'm not sure if she divorced Ed Beedles. Can't find any other records of him. Do you know why your Ed Beedles went to Bolton? It seems the rest of the Beadles / Beedles stayed in Wales.
Susan Brouwer
29 November 2012
I am in search of any information you may have on John William Lancaster, born abt 1859, Barnard Castle, Co. Durham, England. His father, Thomas Lancaster, born 1831 also in Barnard Castle married Elizabeth Wright, born 1830, in 1855. Anything you have that will push this project along will be greatly appreciated.
David Acheson
20 November 2012
Great web site. Looking for descendants of G.G. Grandfather William James Lancaster, Confectioner,b about 1821 in Torpoint Cornwall.Went to Jersey and then on to Brighton
Valerie Goddard
18 November 2012
I have researched large family tree and would like to hear from descendants of any of the 8 children born to William & Elizabeth Lancaster of Liverpool. Their births range from 1808-1826, My ancestor is Cornelius, the 7th child, born 1823
Gwen Tarbuck
10 November 2012
I am looking for any information on Jane Lancaster who was born in 1808/9 at Maryport, Cumberland, England. I think she married Samuel Strong. She moved to Australia as a widow?? and died in Victoria, Australia in 1901. Thanks.
31 October 2012
I am the daughter to Lynn Alvin Lancaster, SR and Barbara Jean Waight. My name is Sherri Lynn Lancaster Hoskins
Sherri Hoskins
9 September 2012
Seeking info on my GGgrandfather William Ray marr Ann Atkins. have no details of them but had son Alfred Francis Ray b May 1859/60 Potsmouth and a sister Violet Louise Ray. Alfred was a able seaman came to sydney, Australia abt 1880. Info on Marriage of parents and children born and any relatives would be grateful.
John Ray
21 August 2012
Hi, I am the Great Great Granddaughter of Richard R. Lancaster of Muncie, Indiana, USA. His son, John C, Married Rose and had 2 sons and a daughter-John C, Rose M. and Richard Grant, who was my Father. I don't know anything past this information who actually came over from England and when. But I am just starting my research and anyone with any other info on this branch of the family is welcome to write.
Julie Celeste Lancaster
24 June 2012
My Grandfather's name was Alfred David Lancaster, I believe he was from Arkansas, USA. Had brothers named, Arthur, Willard, Charlie, Marvin, and sisters Carolyn and Alice. My mother is Fay Lancaster (Alfred's daughter)
Tammy Arnold
8 June 2012
Grandfather Augusts Lancaster he had 3 brothers Family trait large ears His wife Catherine lancaster Sons of grandpa Lancaster Bruce edward Lancaster (my dad) Richard dick Lancaster Daughters of Bruce Laura Catherine Richard Sons joe Eric We all reside in Miami,fl Since at least the early 1900's And I am sure longer but very hard to find info But do have some to share with anyone who these names sound familar
Laura Lancaster
6 June 2012
Hello, I am the Grandaughter of William Ronald Lancaster, former Director of the Australian War Memorial, Canberra. I am looking for a possible connection to the Lancastrians - Wars of the Roses. wondering when did Lancaster become a Surname rather than a 'house' of nobels
Kylie Rose
15 May 2012
I have ancestors from Evercreech, Somerset, called Elisa Jane who married John Lancaster a captain of a tea ship with the India Tea Company. He met Elisa in Calcutta and they eloped to Somerset.
Mark Marston
9 May 2012
What a brilliant site - I too found it by accident but so pleased I have! Looking for any Lancaster relatives who lived Knayton, Thirkleby, Coxwold areas of North yorkshire from at least mid 1800's
Angela Lancaster
18 April 2012
Hi i am seeking information on my biological Father Philip Thompson from the Leigh area. But 9is last known to live in Tyldsley. He worked as a mechanic by trade around 1987 at an old garage called Dawsons in Irlam, Then he went on to work at a garage in warrington he also has another daughter called Rachel from a previous marriage. Any information on him would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Stephanie Totterdell
7 April 2012
My husband was Peter Lancaster, his brother John (Ian) Lancaster who was born in Lichfield UK, their father was Edward Lancaster and Edwards brother was Peter, Peter had a son called Barry. I would love any more info
Christine Lancaster
16 March 2012
Any LANCASTER'S in York UK 1850 to 1920 with names John Mason,John Robert,Harold,Doris. Regards Irwin.
irwin tapp
28 February 2012
My father was Joseph Walker and I see you have his DOB wrong, it should be 5th April 1920. Just happened to find your website by chance and so pleased I did as I am trying to make a family tree.
Carol Lauderdale - was Walker
22 February 2012
Sorry, I made a mistake with my email address in my last post. Also google hebdenflowerlancaster The family tree is not complete yet, but I hope there's something of interest to you
Mark Lancaster
31 January 2012
Looking for Death info for Robert Lancaster Born 14 Feb. 1818 in Surry. Married Harrit Finch. Died at Sea on way back to England from Anerica after the American Civil War. About 1865
George Lancaster
31 January 2012
I have connections with Lancasters from a number of areas around Yokshire, particularly Kirbymoorside, Malton and Leeds. In fact, try... htp:// The family tree isn't complete yet, but any information you can add on this branch of the family tree will be greatly appreciated.
Mark Lancaster
30 January 2012
I am trying to find Cecilia Lancaster (Leigh)married in 1935 to George Lancaster, b.1903, Leigh, Lancashire, UK. Cecilia and George had a son, John A Lancaster born in 1946, Leigh, Lancashire.
Doreen Urquhart
26 January 2012
There are a group of us, the Lancaster Surname DNA project, who have been comparing Y DNA (male line DNA) using genealogical tests for some years now. We have made some progress, but we still need more Lancaster men to test. Let me know if you are interested.
Andrew Lancaster
22 January 2012
hello all if anyone was related to Betty Lancaster as well as marcia green want to get in contact with my relations
James Barry Lancaster
16 January 2012
Looking for the BREN family contacts formerly from UK maybe Ireland, all migrated to Australia - thanks Laurie Bren.
Laurie Bren
10 December 2011
ia m tracing descendants/ancestry of my grand fatherjohn hemnry lancatser who married mabel kelly born around 1892
dave smith
30 November 2011
Hello I’m interested in tracing my grandmother’s family who were Lancaster’s from Tadcaster Yorkshire Her parents were Thomas (b1881) and Herriot (b1882). Any information would be welcome.
Andrew Warrior
22 November 2011
Hello, looking for the family of Mary Ann Lancaster born about 1813 Madras, East India. She married Joseph Ovenden in Secunderabad in 1827. The Lancaster we thought was her father was not in India till after 1813 so she may have been his stepdaugther or she was a widow. Or an orphan - at a dead end really. Thanks for any help.
20 November 2011
I am looking for my cousin Jennifer Lancaster - daughter of John and Noel Lancaster - she grew up in Pinelands, South Africa. May be married now. She moved to the UK in the 80s. Grateful for any leads.
Michael Watermeyer
7 November 2011
Hi I am looking for any information relating to a Mary Lancaster who lived in Albert Row/Road Scarborough. Her occupation was a confectioners assistant and whilst I do not have a DOB I believe it would be around the dates between 1900 -1916. In saying that it could be 10 or so either side. Any information would be gratefully received. Thanks
6 November 2011
i have come across a family Bible for the Lancaster family all born in Preston, Lancashire , England. There are 11 Lancaster names listed starting with John Born August 29th 1825 through to Joseph born November 29th 1868. Then there re 4 people named GEE listed starting with Mary Ann born February 24th 1891 through to John born December 11th 1899. If it is of use to anyone please contact me.
Barry Jackson
6 November 2011
Looking for a G-G-AUNT, parents names were William and Hannah Bowman , they lived at Haverthwaite, Hannah was born 1874,Dec. 05. Thank you for your help.
myrna Bowman-Dierick
6 November 2011
Tom (Tommy) Lancaster, Pitmans Champion, was a bare knuckle fighter in Co Durham.Married Mary. Settled in Consett, Co Durham.
Peter Atkinson
28 October 2011
I am looking for any information on Jane Lancaster who was born in 1808/9 at Maryport, Cumberland, England. I think she married Samuel Strong. She moved to Australia as a widow?? and died in Victoria, Australia in 1901. Thanks.
5 September 2011
Hi I first posted on here on 10/1/2010 regarding any info on a George Fredrick Lancaster who lived at 85 plough road Battersea London.He married my mother Elsie Eloner Moore who was from Grangetown In the North east of Yorkshire,she had gone to London to work as a chmbermaid in one of the Hotels,He from what I was told by family that he used to be employed at the Times Newspaper. They then came back to the northeast where he worked as an Engineer in a pipe works,I was born here in Grangetown at 167 Bolkcow road. I never new or got to know my father as he went back to London as from what I was told in later life that he did not like it in the north of England. So I would be very grateful for any information to any links to him or reletives. Thank you my Email address is
Anthony Jack Lancaster
30 August 2011
I have just begun my search of my families' history. I am looking for any information on my paternal great and great great grandparents. Annie Laura Dall married - Walter Harold Sylvester Lancaster and his parents Arabella Bosworth (Sylvester?) and Walter Harold Lancaster. They are from England and Nova Scotia. I am looking for dates and earlier relatives. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
mark lancaster
25 August 2011
Hello! My father was Samuel (Sam) Ross Lancaster, a Cherokee from Oklahoma. He was born in 1924 and for a time lived in New York and Indiana. I am looking for lost relatives. His father was Samuel Lancaster and Mother was Mary Ross. Please contact me if any of this sounds familiar. In particular, we are looking for any information regarding an exwife and any children. We would love to speak to them.
Renee (Lancaster) Daigle
15 August 2011
Hi my g.g.grandfather was Henry Lancaster married to Ellen Bradley had two daughters that i know of,Henrietta Ellen my g.grandmother and Sarah born London 1852.Does anyone connect with my family? Thanks for this site . regards MAUREEN.
15 August 2011
Son of Debra Lancaster (now Welch), Grandson of Samuel Lancaster, Great-grandson of Harry Lancaster. So far I have found that Harry lived in Leeds, UK from approx 1900-1979. I am looking for more information to trace our line back a few more generations. Anyone with information would be be a great help. Thanks!
Chris Welch
13 August 2011
i forgot michael lancaster was born in ireland in 1806...that is far as i got and he may have married a doyle....
paulette lancaster
3 August 2011
my father was richard edward lancaster...he may have gone by richard george lancaster in his younger days...his father was john edward lancaster, than joesph...richard.....michael...i may have left a grandfather out there...if anyone's family tree can connect please let me know....
paulette lancaster
3 August 2011
I wondered whether the English candle manufacturer and benevolent employer, Benjamin Lancaster of London and Merseyside, was the same man who founded St. Peter's nursing sisterhood. He was. He was also, in 1850-51, the first owner of Rural Section 62 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Part of this land was purchased as a sports ground in 1880. It became famous for its rugby and cricket tests till devastated by the 22 February 2011 earthquake. Benjamin Lancaster lived from 1801-87. He married, in 1851, Rosamira Bellairs, whose uncle, Sir William Bellairs, was put forward as head of the Canterbury Settlement. Bellairs pulled out when the association could not immediately get his knighthood turned into a baronetcy. Benjamin was a more faithful friend of the Canterbury Settlement. Presumably, his land, just outside the Central Business District, was farmland till part of it was bought for a sports ground. Benjamin still owned land in Christchurch at the time of his death. Rosamira, 54, died in 1874. Benjamin retired to Bournemouth and was living there when he sold the land for the park. The men who handled the sale locally were prominent figures in real estate, business and politics, Richard Harman and Edward Stevens.
Richard Greenaway
2 August 2011
Barbara Lancaster
27 July 2011
hi i dont have a lot of information but my grandad was george lancaster he married violet james they both lived in hull and my grandad was a pow in india durying ww2 i would like anything no matter how small please and sorry im crapat spellin x
27 July 2011
my GGGGrandfather was Benjamin Hingley , born in Rochdale 1811 , son of James Hingley and Ann Stott i think ? Benjamin was transported to Tasmania as a convict and i,m trying deperatly to hunt the family back wards ,, any help any one can give me to clarify the Hingley family would be a tremendous help ,, any little detail can add up to the big picture and i would sincerely appreciate any help ,,, Regards Pauline
27 July 2011
My GGrandfather Frederick William Lancaster from Ipswich Suffolk UK born 1850's married to Rose or Rosa Mullett who had 5 children 3 daughters and 2 sons on the 1891 Census records. My Grandfather was George William Lancaster who came to Australia. I am seeking any infomation on an relative from his family members. I live in Australia and was so pleased when I found this wonderful site on the web. Regards Rosemary Lancaster
Rosemary Lancaster
21 July 2011
I am searching for information on a Benjamin Lancaster, born around 1610 in England. He apparently settled in the U.S. in the Chesapeake Bay area, Maryland. He may have had 2 brothers, John and Joseph.
Darrell James
25 June 2011
I am a librarian in Christchurch, New Zealand. Lancaster Park, Christchurch, is a home for national and international cricket and rugby - or was till the 22 February earthquake. Lancaster Park was named after Benjamin Lancaster of Bournemouth, England. He purchased Rural Section 62, 50 acres, from the Canterbury Association, in 1850, and sold 10 acres for the park, through his Christchurch agents, Richard Harman and E. C. J. Stevens, in 1880. Benjamin Lancaster of Bournemouth was the man who, in 1861, had set up St. Peter's Anglican Sisterhood so that parients at St. George's Hospital, London, could find people who would care for them in their convalescence. St. Peter's Sisterhood's website says that Benjamin Lancaster was a businessman. It does not say how he made his money. Was he the same Benjamin Lancaster who, with William Wilson, established the Price's candles business, in London, in 1830? Alternately, were there two prosperous Victorian businessmen, in England, called Benjamin Lancaster? Richard L N Greenaway
Richard Greenaway
10 June 2011
Looking For Thomas Albert Lancaster ww2 private 4125845 He had a baby girl Ann Born Salford Lancaster 24.06.1944 job bricklayer mate Just want to know if alive
6 June 2011
Seeking any info that I can find on Maggie Lancaster (name from her marriage certificate to George William Danby 1888), her father is shown as William - would appreciate any assistance. Thanks
25 May 2011
My name is Alan Lancaster. I originate from Rochdale. However, many of my earlier descendants originate from Yorkshire. My dad and granddad both called Joseph also originated from Rochdale. But my great granddad William Lancaster (1879 - 1936) came from Stanningley, Wakefield. My 2 x great granddad was Joseph Lancaster (1843 - 1869) came from Bradford. My 3 x great granddad William Lancaster (1816 - 1883) came from Bradford and my 4 x great granddad Robert Lancaster (born abt 1761) possibly came from Kirby Moorside and was a Coachman. Does anyone have a connection with these people? If so please get in touch.
Alan Lancaster
10 May 2011
Peter Warrington Lancaster (1907-1947) was born in Pretoria, son of Frank Edmondson Lancaster. Peter married Una Gwendoline Creighton (or Crighton) and they had three sons: Keith Frank York Lancaster b. 1933; Peter Creighton Lancaster b. 1935; Michael David Warrington Lancaster b. 1942. Would like to make contact with this family.
Steve Hayes
6 April 2011
hi if any one knows malcolm edward kinsey born in doncaster but now might live in st helens father of malcolm timothy kinsey,lisa jane kinsey and philip jason kinsey,as his son philip jason kinsey would love to get in touch with im if any one knows of him please get in touch thank you amanda kinsey philip kinseys wife
Amanda kinsey
5 April 2011
Looking for a Joseph Lancaster, deceased. Married an Audrey Hart (or Taylor, I am not sure). They lived in Wales and then I know she lived in Santa Cruz De Tenerife when she passed in February. Any information please let me know.
25 March 2011
Go to this web site Go cemeteries then scan for the ZION Cemetery select and you will see alot of the Bortrees buried there. I believe my GGGrandfather William built the grist mill for Mr.Bortree. William was a carpenter by trade.
Rich Lancaster
16 February 2011
My ancestors are the Bortrees that immigrated from Ireland to Sterling, Pa. There is a Richard here that mentioned the Bortree name in connection with the his ancestor and the grist mill.
12 February 2011
The Finney name has its roots in royalty tracing back to Lord Baron, John Fenis (born in 1066) who was a kinsman of King William the Conqueror. The name, Finney is derived from an old place in Staffordshire, England spelled,“Fynney”; which originated from the Baron.
Ed Maurer
30 January 2011
Hi was your betty craghill the daughter of william and catherine christened seathwaite (Lancs)aug 1789 as i think we are related to her brother william
alistair craghill
30 January 2011
Hi there, I'm looking for Richard Lancaster whose formerly married to Ann with 2 kids, John and Katie. They been in Germany between 1985-1988. I worked as nanny to 2 kids. I been looking them for quite a while now. I want to know how they been doing? Hope you guys are doing fine. Hope to hear you soon.
Haydee Unarse
25 January 2011
I am looking for my family tree. My Grandfather is Herb Lancaster. He moved here to Canada after world war II. I am here to find out where the Lancaster name has come from and what our name means and what our family crest is. I just recently found out that my family is also Scottish and English. I am a first nations of north America (Canada). If you can help me out I would appreciated it. If further info is needed about my grandfather, I can do the best i can due to me not really knowing who he is.
David Scow- Lancaster
15 January 2011
My Grandfather's name was John Lancaster Brown, and I have discovered the Lancaster connection and think he is likely one of your family. My grandfather's mother was Mary Capsticks, whom we believe may have been illegitimately born and unofficially adopted and brought up by a John Lancaster. In the 1841 census and also 1851 census for the Wetherby area of Cumberland, my Mary Capsticks (born about 1835) is living in the household of John Lancaster and is designated a 'servant'. Is this John Lancaster in fact 'yours'? If so, would you know anything of the relationship with Mary Capsticks; and does he or his wife have any Capsticks genealogy? Many thanks, David.
David Brown
11 January 2011
I'm researching my Lancaster ancestors from Warwickshire. My great-grandfather was John James Lancaster, born 1876 in Packwood, died 1940 Solihull. I believe his direct ancestor was Richard Lancaster, born c1645 in Gaydon, Warwickshire.
Paul Goodchild
3 January 2011
20 November 2010
I am looking for information on a George Lancaster or possibly Allencaster who was in Hawaii around the year 1872. He was the biological father of my Great Grandfather Samuel Keliinoi born in April 1873 to Emily Keliimahiai Keliinoi in Maui, Hawaii. I don't have much information about him as back then this was not something family discussed when children were born outside of the marriage. I know that he was from England possibly Liverpool and that he may have been a sailor or merchant aboard an English vessel. He may or may not have had knowledge of the child. Any information you could provide would be helpful.
Malia from Hawaii
4 November 2010
HI, I'm living in Belgium and i'm looking after some family in lancashire. My grand grand father's name is David Postlethwaite he died in 2006 i think. His mothers name is Alice Elizabeth Parker and her husband is David Postlethwaite i think. I just want to know if i have some family in lancashire.
Olivia Postlethwaite
9 October 2010
James Hingley b.1741 was my gt.(x5) grandfather. He was born in Rowley Regis. His father also called James was b.1713 in Rowley. Is there a connection?
Kevin White
30 September 2010
HI! GGGM Isabella Dobbins, (Dobbyns) b. 12-27-1818, Clones, Ireland and my GGGF Wm. Lancashire (Lancaster) b. abt. 1898. My GF Wm Robert Lancashire b. 1856 in Drum, Monaghan, Ireland. Hope to find info on my family. Help please. Thank you. Julie
Julie Lancashire-Mihiar
21 September 2010
Hello to all you other Lancasters. I have looked down all your messages, to see if the Warwickshire?Staffordshire Lancasters got a mention.I am looking for William Lancaster's ancestors, he was from Edgbaston,His father another William was from Oldbury? Does anyone have any information on these Lancasters. Thank you for your help and this site, which I have enjoyed reading.
25 August 2010
I'm looking to find my Lancaster family. Frederick married Louisa Savage in South Africa. His dad came from the UK in the late 1800's with the Kylies - who were prize fighters from Ireland. Can anyone shed more light on this side of the tree??
Debbie Petzer
10 August 2010
I am looking for any information about John Lancaster born in Cumbria ?1888 married Edith had two sons George 2-12-1919 and Guy ?1935.He lived in Penrith until his death in 1967
sandra jones
30 July 2010
I am looking for information on John Lancaster of Bedfordshire. This is the name of my great great great great grandfather. His daughter Hannah Maria Lancaster was born in 1792 and is my gran.
Barbara Musgrave
23 July 2010
I am looking for SAMUEL LANCASTER who I believe,lived in Edmonton,Canada for some time and also spent time in Denver. Great site .. many thanks, Helen ,
helen first
14 July 2010
My Great-Great Grandfather was James Lavendor Lancaster, born in Hastings, Sussex, England between 1730 and 1800. He Married Harriet Brooks in 1821. I'm trying to find out his parents and siblings names and also when and where he died. Darrell Lancaster
Darrell A. Lancaster
20 June 2010
I've found my Grandma's uncle, Nicholas Riley, who always told US census takers he was born in Manchester, England. Now if I could only find his half brother or cousin, James Riley, born between 1834-6 who emigrated to New York City in the 1850's
Peggy Michaels
18 June 2010
My grandad was George Lancaster from the Lancashire area in the uk! He was married to audrey Lancaster and a farther of Jan and Alison Lancaster! He played for the Liverpool reserves football team before he was called out to war and I would love to know some more about my family back ground! If anyone knows anything please get in touch! x
Kelly Ellise Roberts (was Lancaster)
17 June 2010
I first posted back in 2003. I'm interested in any information on Lancaster's from the Rochdale/Norden area of Lancashire. I'd like to know if they can be tied to the Lancaster's of Westmorland or of Kendal. I'm wondering how my branch of cotton and fabric workers ended up in Rochdale to begin with. Cheers!
Richard John Lancaster
12 June 2010
I have beern trying to find out about William Bowman ,who died in 1924 at Haverthaite,he was my dad's father,, any help would be really great, Thanks.
Myrna Bowman-
24 May 2010
My Lancasters come originate in Somerset, probably working for the Duchy of Lancaster, but who knows? George Lancaster was bpt in Worle Somerset in 1811. his parents recorded as James and Ann Lancaster. By 1830's George was living in Cityof London, where he married Louisa Weston. Can anyone tell me anything more about James and Ann? I have plenty of information between the date of George's marriage and my father's birth. Thanks for a great site! Gill
Gill Constable nee Lancaster
22 May 2010
Hi there, My name is Gaylene Bennett. I have been searching my father John Lancaster who migrated to NZ. I have never met him,as my mother told me that I am a Love child.I am 42 yrs,found out when I was 30..John worked in the Northern Wairoa Hotel in Dargaville,NZ. He also drove taxis there.I was told that he married a Tito.I think Maggie.I dont know where he came from.,but I have been searching for a long time.This website is looking resourceful,but have a very long way to go. Kind Regards, Gaylene
18 May 2010
I am looking for details of my great grandfather william lancaster,I think he was born in york uk.He was a boxer in the 1920s and due to some bareknuckle fighting in earlier years caused mental problems and ended up killing himself.Havent found much information about him up to now.Would be great if anyone could help.Thanks.MARK LANCASTER
mark lancaster
4 May 2010
my grandmother name was adelaide landcaster we live in tasmania australia ....Her father name was james landcaster and he was born 1828 came out from warwick birmingham england 1842 thats all i know about the landcasters... seaching the family tree.....
sally murtagh
22 April 2010
My Mother wasborn in Hull, Sculcoates 11 november 1917. Her father was Kay Ditlevsen, WW I casualty died september 1918. My mothers name was Joyce Ditlevsen Lancaster, she went to Denmark in 1930. I belive there was a half sister named Norma married to a (Swiss?) Diplomate. Ialso had a aunt named Pamela. Any information would be wellcome. Michael
Michael Trevor Lancaster
12 April 2010
hola vivo en Piriapolis - Uruguay y estoy comenzando a formar el arbol genealogico , lo unico que se que un bisabuelo se tiro de un barco inles frente a este balneario y fue le primer Lancaster en el Uruguay - si alguien tiene algo que aportar bienvenido hasta pronto

Google translation: hi live in Piriapolis - Uruguay and I'm starting to form the family tree, the only thing that a great grandfather who was shot from a boat Inles address this spa and became the first Lancaster in Uruguay - if someone has something to offer welcome you soon
24 February 2010
Looking for any relatives/family tree for John Vivian LANCASTER born 01.12.1918 Fleetwood, Lancashire. John V. Lancaster lived in Keswick, Cumbria (Cumberland) from around 1962-2010. Thanks Philip
24 February 2010
Looking for pre 1905 information on a Joseph Wilson Lancaster, born about 1858-64 in the Carlisle area of Cumberland. He married Sarah Lizzie Stobart in 1905, and dies in Belford, Northumberland in 1926.Thanks Graham Moralee.
Graham Moralee
20 February 2010
Have just come across this site,and find it very intresting.Have tried to locate my father, George Fredrick Lancaster only address i have was 85 Plough road Battersea London. Would appreciate any help or info. Thank you Jack Lancaster
Anthony Jack Lancaster
5 February 2010
I was adopted at the age of two years. The only information i have is my mothers name was Susan or Suzanne Finney and she was from Reading. If anyone can help with this that would be great, any info at all.
Colin Finney
31 January 2010
I am looking for any information on George Ernest Richardson Lancaster's family who lived in the Ilford area.His DOB was 5/09/1884 and he married Amy Doris Emblin on 15/06/24. George was a General in WW1 and after the war he was a salesman for the Bryant & May match factory. George & Amy lived at 33, Vaughan Gardens, Ilford. If anybody knows about George's father & family I would really apprieciate any information. George died early december 1943 and he died at 11,Rochester Gardens,ilford . My father Brian George emblim Lancaster who is eighty this year has no information on his side of the family as his mother Amy had been married before and he has a half sister .If anybody has any information on George's family, please let me know. Thank You. Mrs Karen Fiore.
29 January 2010
Looking for information on Richard Lancaster, who in the early 1960s was a graduate student at the University of Texas and who spent time on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana. While there, he wrote a book called "Piegan," about the Blackfeet, which was published in 1966 by Doubleday.
David Stanley
16 December 2009
Message for Val Finucane from Perth. I couldn't reply to your letter as your email address didn't seem to work. Your Catherine Alice Scott is the sister of Sarah Ellen Scott, my husband's great grand mother.
Jane Hunt
10 December 2009
if anyone would like to contact me about william henry or william edgar lancaster who died in 1962 please contact me ,,, likewise anyone who want info on eric lancaster or alan lancaster , or catherine (kitty) lancaster please contact me ...... thanks ray
raymond lancaster
17 November 2009
I am looking for Catherine Jane Lancaster. She was born around 1965/66. She used to live in 1981 at Little Thorperoad in Ripon Yorkshire. I was on holiday there in that time. I know she had a younger brother called Anthony. I hope someone can help me find her. kind regards Anthony Versigny, The Netherlands
Anthony Versigny
3 November 2009
My Branch of Lancasters are mostly from Craven County, NC Looking for info on James Benjamin Lancaster born b-4 1753 died 1805,Craven Cnty, NC-wife Anna??
Marilyn Lancaster Sandlin
7 October 2009
new info on bob lanaster, i now know that simons mum and father meet in dagenham around barkin. This was an arranged affair which was talked about. Please any information would be very appreciated x
maria jobbins
23 September 2009
im trying to help my husband find his biologic father all we know is, his name robert lancaster none as bob aged around 52years and has a daughter named rachel lancaster aged between 29-32(not really sure) we last heard they were living in wales if anyone can help him lift this cloud with any info. Simon is 23 years old his mums name is susane jobbins they my of met in or around essex or london again not sure, we r told that bob had some info bout simons birth but made no attempt to c him please help ta x
maria jobbins
18 September 2009
My Great grandmother was Elixabeth Casson b.1870's and she married Thomas Wilson b.1870's, however I can not find a marriage record! Can anyone help?
13 September 2009
I am wondering if anyone can help me please. I am tracking my family tree. My father is John Henry Swales and was born in Lancaster in 1941. His father was Henry Swales, however, he had been adopted. He was adopted by a Norman Swales, who later on to have a son called Norman Swales. They were involved in the boxing scene. If anybody can help, could you please email me at the email address given. Thank you.
Dawn Swales
12 September 2009
A wonderful site, congratulations! In 1861 we have: John BATHER b.1816 with his wife Margaret b.1809, son Benjamin b.1842 and stepdaughter Comfort Taylor b.1842. Comfort married said Benjamin. It's not incestuous because Comfort's dad was Richard TAYLOR and not John BATHER, but it's an interesting little web don't you think? The things they got up to in those little villages so long ago! Best regards from Mexico
Robin Bather
27 April 2009
Thank you for helping me out with some additional info about my ancestors. The Fluck/Healing family are part of my tree also.
18 April 2009
I am trying to trace my lancaster roots my Grand mother was winnie Whipps and her Father my Great Grand Father was Relph Lancaster the family came from stoke-on-trent England and where all potters
Joseph Conlon
27 March 2009
My name is Samuel (Sam) Lancaster, son of Samuel David Lancaster, died 1984, who was the son of William Lancaster whose father was William Lancaster. I am from Columbus Kansas. I do not know where my line of Lancaster's originated from. I am hoping to find out more from this site.
Samuel Floyd Lancaster
26 March 2009
I am very interested in tracing my fathers side of the family. His name is Jack Lancaster ( born 1931 ) from Bradford West Yorks. His parents were Thomas and Annie Lancaster ( born approx 1892 ) from Bradford.My dads great grandmother was Hanna Maria Lancaster.
Christopher Lancaster
26 March 2009
Fascinating site - thank you. My Dad, Frederick Stanley Lancaster, came from Stony Stratford (now Milton Keynes). His Dad's name was William Lancaster who married and had 9 children. Are there any of that branch of the Lancaster family on this site? My brother, Richard Barry Lancaster lives in Brisbane, Australia and I am in Cape Town, South Africa.
Veronica (nee Lancaster)
22 March 2009
Martha Fellows, (1860, shropshire) wife of Benjamin Rushton was the daughter of William Fellows/Follows and Phoebe Hughes. William was born in 1810 in Sheriffhales and died in Cannock, Staffs in 1900. I am a direct descendant of William Fellows through William, sister to Martha. Regards. Linda (nee Fellows)
Linda (nee Fellows)
5 March 2009
Hello I am a direct ancestor of the hunt, de vere hunt family,over the past 12,months,have been hitting brick walls. I would really appreciate some help,Dee. I love your page,thanks so much.
deirdre meredith
20 February 2009
Several of my Lancaster ancestors have Holland as a second name.I cannot find where it originates.Please contact me if you have a '-- Holland Lancaster' in your family tree.
Gwen (nee Lancaster)
11 February 2009
Searching for William Lancaster baptism & burial(abt.1824-1850)married to Elizabeth Thompson in 1808 at Liverpool. 8children.Eliza,William,James Holland, Henry, Mary Ann ,Elizabeth, Cornelius, Edward.
Gwen (nee Lancaster)
2 February 2009
Hello....there must be someone who has a father, husband , grandfather or even great grandfather with the name of RONALD LANCASTER, born in the 1920s not sure exactly as i have very little information, who worked in the stately home in Torpoint Devon, ANTONY HOUSE...if anyone has any info PLEASE CONTACT ME
25 January 2009
Hi there-this is my original entry from 2005 and I've since changed my email address. I've found some Lancasters in Chipping in Lancashire any connections gratefully recieved. My Lancasters are in Padiham in the 1800s and Newchurch in pendle in the 1700s. Has anyone else got a Lancaster Lancaster in their tree, Strange to have first name and surname the same ? Maggie Lancaster 28 December 2005
Maggie Lancaster
17 December 2008
I just happened to come across this site and it has grabbed my attention. Does anyone have a Lancaster connection in Guyana, South America. We know very little about our father's side of the family. He was Edgar Phillip Benjamin-Lancaster. His father was Joseph Nathaniel Lancaster and his mother was Susan Lancaster (nee Benjamin)
Nathalie Lancaster
16 December 2008
I am seeking any information on Sarah Lancaster born 1792 in Stickland, Westmoreland. She married Robert Henderson and in 1851 she was living in Rilston, Yorkshire. Thank you
12 November 2008
I am looking for Catherine Jane Lancaster. She was born around 1965/66. She used to live in 1981 at Little Thorperoad in Ripon Yorkshire. I was on holiday there in that time. I know she had a younger brother called Anthony. I hope someone can help me find her. kind regards Anthony Versigny, The Netherlands
Anthony Versigny
10 November 2008
hi i am looking for kevin barry lancaster from blackburn uk, his father is called barry lancaster, if you no please contact me thanks,
27 October 2008
hi i came across this site by mistake but am looking for welsh lancasters my grandfather gordon lancaster married sybil.i know gordon had a brother ernie maybe more sibblings if anyone can help
katherine cummings(nee lancaster)
8 October 2008
hi my father was in nazareth house souththey were both orphansampton and knew john lancaster
mandy arnold
24 September 2008
hi im looking up on the lancaster family but not got far.. as far as ive got so far is to my great grandfather willam herny lancaster was born in 1897 gateshead england i got this info from my granfather ray lancaster born 1952 london if any has any info about this please contact me thank zoe lancaster
zoe ann lancaster
3 September 2008
Father Laurence Lancaster born Hull Yorks. 24/03/1920. Would love to hear from cousins/family that I've lost touch with. Have lived in Holland since 1975. I'm from 1954 also born in Hull. Uncle's George, Albert,Bob, Frank etc Aunts Doll, Flo, I think there were 11 brothers + sisters but have all died I believe.
Jean Zuidhoek-Lancaster
3 September 2008
I believe I am related to AARON KINSEY in your family tree. Love to communicate with any other relation view history. I am in Australia. Regards JK
John Kinsey
28 August 2008
I am trying to trace the background of Gunnerthwaite. My search keeps coming up with the surname swindlehurst can anyone help?
24 July 2008
Can anyone help me unravel the Lancasters of Cliviger?My Grt.x3 grandfather was a John Lancaster b.1775 plumber and glazier from Patricroft married to Rachel Crompton. His parents were William and Grace Lancaster from Cliviger.I have found another John Lancaster,Pearson's House, Cliviger b.1819, father John b.1781 with census returns upto 1881 for the same address.There is yet another John Lancaster b.1818 at Bents House, Cliviger, father James b.1781.Does anyone know if there is a link between these 3 families,or have any info about their offspring?
Merrilie Rowley
17 July 2008
Hi ive just found this site so im hoping that someone might have some information about RONALD LANCASTER born around 1925 in or near to Scotland, and i think worked in the stately home of ANTHONY HOUSE IN TORBAY CORNWALL around 1953 and was then taken into hospital with TB, if anyone has any information i would love to hear from them as its my father
Marion cuevas
1 July 2008
i am hoping someone has any information on my dad ALAN LANCASTER. i havent seen him for 30 years and would love to find him. he will be in his late 50s early 60s. he had a twin brother called LES and quite a few other siblings i cant remember the names of! he lived in the tyne and wear area in the 1970s. any info would be greatly apreciatedxx
debra young nee lancaster
30 May 2008
My name is Hannah Finney, I have 2 brothers - Alex and Ashley - and i had a sister but she died aged 27 Xmas Day 06. My mother Lynn, and father Alan married May 19 1978. My father's father was called John and my father's mother Evelyn was from Nottingham, I hope this helps.
Hannah Finney
23 May 2008
I'm very curious to know my background and just saw for the 1st time the Lancaster Crest. All I know is my grandfather Walter Lancaster had a brother Harry or Harold?? and their father was named Walter Lancaster out of Florida where he was a Porter on the Silver Streak Train from Florida to New York and then my grandfather Walter II settled in New York. My dad Martin Lancaster Sr was born in the Bronx.Please contact if we are related. I would love to know all my family. I'm assuming I'm part of the family that left England to Barbado's to Florida.
Martin Lancaster
19 May 2008
I am looking for any information about Anne Thompson,born Wigan 1831, married Samuel Lancaster 1852 at Ashton in Makerfield by licence,residence given as Haydock on marriage cert.
Merrilie Rowley
18 May 2008
I am trying to trace the tree of Joseph Lancaster -1778 - 1838 - Educationalist - born England - died in USA
10 May 2008
Son of Edward Lancaster born Nottingham 21-10-1936 I am cliving where i was born in New Zealand.
George Edward lancaster
8 May 2008
4 April 2008
any welsh lancasters my grandfather robert lancaster lived in cardiff died during WW2
Liz Lancaster
1 April 2008
R.E Finney family: I am the adopted son of Ronald Finney and Daphne Joan Smith I was adopted in 1957 as babe in arms. As a young child I vaguely remember visiting an elderly couple in Worcestershire they lived in a small village that began with the letter H. I remember them telling me of a meteor sighting some years before at a local country house. I recall they kept bantam chickens. Could the elderly gentlemans name been Jack? I have called my son Jack Tor Peregrine Finney. My sister Kathryn (true blood line)has three children Grace, George and Henry. I hope some one can shed some light on this. Cheers R Finney
Richard Andrew Finney
23 March 2008
Hello I am trying to trace my family from my grandfather James Lancaster from Nash Co. NC, his son my father is David Lee Lancaster born in Rocky Mount, NC, both have died... Any help appreciated
kevin Lancaster
3 March 2008
i am looking for any info on a Robert Charles Hunt (father John hunt) Robert married Alice Rimmer (father Richard Rimmer) in 1871 at the Primitive Methodist Chapel London St Southport in the County of Lancaster.
isis hunt
28 February 2008
Correction and additions to 20/2/08 post. CHARLES LANCASTER died 1955 (his father MARK died 1945). Both Mark and Charles living at 58 Samuel St, Atherton at time of their deaths. CHARLES married ALICE GLOVER 1926. ROBERT married ETHEL ALDRED/AINSCOUGH 1920.
Norma Lancaster
21 February 2008
I am searching for info regarding JOHN LANCASTER (b 1895) ROBERT SMITH LANCASTER (b 1900) and CHARLES LANCASTER (1908-1945) all from Atherton, Lancs, UK. Their parents are MARK LANCASTER and ELLEN SMITH, there are probably other children I don't know about. My grandfather was James William Lancaster, second son of Mark and Ellen. He and my grandmother migrated to NZ in 1924, they separated shortly after and all contact with our English Lancaster relatives was lost. Any info appreciated even if you are not sure it is relevant. A seemingly tiny bit of info could be the breakthrough I'm looking for!
Norma Lancaster
20 February 2008
my grandfather was john richard lancaster i have no info on his father or mother or siblings i know he was born in 1918 died 1980 married a reb3ecca heck and they had 10 kids please email me anything i have on this line
rebecca lucas
16 February 2008
My grandmother was Elizabeth Jones born 1873 in Lowick. Need to trace my Jones ancestors and have gone back as far as my great great granfather Robert Jones born about 1811 in Millom Cumberland. Any help much appreciated.
Barbara Parker
14 February 2008
Hi Im trying to track back my family tree. My Grandfather is Alan William Lancaster (DOB: 1943) My GGrandfather is William George Lancaster (DOB: 21st Aug 1915)He married Elizabeth Moore. They were in Tranmere U.D. England. Any info would be great.
Anita Lancaster
15 January 2008
I am related to the Lancaster family in the Puget Sound area. Wa. state, USA. Grandfather Fred Lancaster and grandmother Anna. Father Frank and mom Pat in Seattle area. We do have alot of relatives around here! I believe my side migrated over from PA and Indiana in the late 1800's. I would have to research a bit to be sure.
Lisa Lancaster
15 January 2008
Looking for information on Alethia Ellen Lancaster. I think she came from South Carolina to Mississippi. Had 3 children James Franklin, Elizabeth and Caroline. Thanks Dorothy
7 January 2008
chevon huntley (nee lancaster) father is joseph edward lancaster. married my mother, yvonne le roux, and later re-married thelma newman.any body that can give me further info for my great grand parents (henry killed in ww2)
6 January 2008
21.10.1936 Edward Lancaster eldest son of Edward lancaster born april 1908 eldest son of Edward Lount Lancaster died 1945
Edward Lancaster
26 December 2007
looking for relatives, father was anthony peter lancaster from portsmouth, his mother betty (deceased)? , his father (deceased) name i dont know but had army back ground in world war two and lost a leg. also had 2 brothers alan and colin and a sister called pat, wat a mess lol
andrew lancaster
17 December 2007
Hi My Name is Lisa Lancaster my dads name John Lancaster and his father (my grandfather) is Lenoard Lancaster. It is said that we are related to ned kelly.Is there anyone else who has heard this story. Ive also been told that the Lancasters came over to Australia selling flowers on the side of the road.
Lisa Lancaster
16 December 2007
Hello. I come from a long line of Lancasters but I have no idea about my family tree. My married name is Sarah Musick, but I grew up Sarah Lancaster in Kansas city, Mo.
Sarah Joyce Lancaster
3 December 2007
Hi, Myself and my family have lived in wigan for a few generations now, and it would be nice to find out possible relatives. My fathers name is Barry Lancaster, and my mothers is Margaet Hannon. Thanks, Chris
Christopher John Martin Lancaster
20 November 2007
My names Eric lancaster age 17 and my granfather Everette Lancaster of whoms mothher came from Dubland.
Eric Lancaster
25 October 2007
Hello i finally found my Lancaster roots all the way back to Shoreditch,London,England. My GGGrandfather Richard was born in 1794 at St Leonards His parents were William Lancaster and Margaret Dunlevy Lancaster Richard had a Brother Americus and a sister Clara.They came to America in 1803 and settled in Philadelphia and then the family in 1821 moved to Wayne Co. Pa. My question is any Lancaster's or Dunlevy's in England related to these families? Thanks Rich
Rich Lancaster
23 October 2007
Hey, My name is Daryl I am 36 years old My grand parents were Clyde Lancaster and Paulene Rimer, Who lived in Troutman NC (Iredell County) If anyone knows more about my family please let me know. My Grand Father's info was burned up in a house fire when he was a kid, so It is hard to find out who my Ancesters were. This is cool seeing so many Lancasters
Daryl Lancaster
20 October 2007
I have a direct paternal ancestor Daniel howell born Stourport 1833 to Richard Howell. Can anyone confirm or otherwise the richard Howell in stourport on this tree.

My Richard was listed as a publican on his sons marriage certificate.

12 March 2007
I am looking for Lancaster family from Stoke on Trent. I was born in 1936. My fathers and my grandfathers names were William Lancaster. My grandfather was in the potteries. I think his predecessors came from Sheffield. If any one has any information I would love to hear it.
William Lancaster
1 March 2007
Thanks for your site I'm looking for a Margaret Watson nee Swain had a daughter Margaret may born 1891-2 any info appreciated
Thank Aaron
aaron leach
27 February 2007
I just found this website and it is wonderful. I don't know if I can help anyone but I will try. My husbands ancestors are Lancasters from Georgia, usa. But I do know they came over from england to NC and migrated south. Some have went as far west as Arkansas and Texas. Let me know if I can help or if you can give me information on your Lancaster Clan.
Deb Hohl
Deb Hohl
19 February 2007
I have just found this site and I found a george Salt born 1816 he married a Sarah don't know her last name but I think they had 3 children Sarah Ann 1939 Ann 1853, Betsy 1847 these are on my husband side is this related to you
Joan freeman
11 February 2007
I am looking for anyone who has any information on Edward Lancaster (born 27 March 1852 in Peasmarsh). He married Anne Marie Tutt on 27 Jan 1874 in Rye, and had a daughter Mary Ann Matilda Lancaster (born 16 July 1874 in Peasmarsh). She married Henry Austen from Rolvenden on 25 September 1895 in Peasmarsh. They had 4 daughters, Winnie, Muriel, Gladys and Vera Austen. Muriel (born 5 Oct 1900) was my grandmother. All help appreciated!
Greg Murrell
28 January 2007
i'm tracing my ancesters, great grandfathers name, thomas i'anson, born in warton, lancaster in1835 .also daniel jackson born in dean,cumberland in 1830 and his wife rebecca casson, born in broughton,in 1833
tony griffiths
14 January 2007
I'm trying to find more about my ancester Crossdale Lancaster, born 1799 to William & Mary Lancaster of Blackburn. He was also known in later censuses as Charles Lancaster. His father was said to be a cotton sizer. He went to India, where his daughter Eliza (my great, great grandmother) was born. They came back to England, I think because of the Indian mutiny, and settled in Somerset in a large house divided into two. He was a pensioner. What I most want to know is how the son of a Blackburn cotton worker came to be in India; but any information about the family/cotton industry. Thanks
nikki chaplin
9 January 2007
To all the lancaster's of the world a Very merry Christmas and may all your family searches be fruitful.Rich lancaster
Rich Lancaster
21 December 2006
Hi...My grandfather's name was George Lancaster and I know he was born in England and married my grandmother Mary Rillie (she was born in Scotland)and they lived in Montreal, Quebec Canada. My Dad was born in 1933 so I am assuming George was born around 1911 or so.
Judith Lancaster
20 December 2006
Please Help!! I am trying to trace the family of my grandmother Louisa Isabella Lancaster,I have her marriage cert.,she married Joseph William Codrington,Jan 1913,in Holborn,she was 28 on marr cert., so was born in1884,as she was in service in London,and raised her family in Islington after her marriage. I do not know which part of the country her family came from, I have found a Louisa Lancaster born in 1884 her parents are William Lancaster & Annie nee Priestman from Ripon,Yorks. but Louisa marriage cert states father was James William Lancaster,bricklayer,deceased. I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who has any information which will help me in my search thanks.
Janet Bowman
10 December 2006
My mum was Joyce Lancaster. (Father Harold) I was told that the family were in cotton (in Manchester I think) and migrated to Australia due to a row with family over slavery. They were Wesleyan Methodists. Anyone know of an Australian connection?
David Hill
23 November 2006
I am looking to trace my family tree (by the surname of Hunt) my father is Stuart Victor Hunt and Grand Father Ewart Victor Hunt (from London or the outskirts somewhere)I know this information is very vague but I would appriciate any help on this matter. If you do know anything, even if you are not sure whether it links to my famil please email me on

Kind regards,

Lisa Jane Hunt
22 November 2006
I am looking for a branch of lancasters that may be considered royalty. my grandpa was wyane henry lancaster. thanks y'all!!
angela lancaster
13 November 2006
My first two children are listed here - Drew and Eryl Fraser, son and daughter of Colin Robert Fraser and Lynne Cheryl Nash Fraser --- the three younger ones are not mentioned --- Bryn Elin Tierney Fraser b Aug 10 1990, Rhys Robert John Fraser b Feb 9 1993 and Graeme Stirling Fraser b Nov 9 1996. Colin is from the Finney line.
Lynne Fraser
22 October 2006
My father is Albert William Lancaster born in Hull Yorks 11.7.1917 my mother Majorie Lancaster born Hull 2.3.1917, her maiden name was Lancaster she was no relation to my Dad the registrar named on my birth certificate is also a Lancaster ( I was also born in Hull). He is no relation to my family. My sister Carol born 4.12.1947 died 9.3.1998 had done considerable research into our family history but had difficulty in tracing the Lancasters as we are all Methodists. I would be pleased to hear from anyone related to us. Christine Hall
Christine Hall (born Lancaster)
18 October 2006
My interest in the Lancaster family is William Lancaster, born 1822, wife Jane from Accrington Lancashire. He spent several years in Oberturkheim/Stuttgart, Germany in the 1840s/1850s. I have German connections in my family. Does anyone connect with this family tree please? Thanks, Katharine
Katharine Edge
1 October 2006
William LANCASTER / William Frederick HAWKINS was born 1820 at Wangford, Southwold, Suffolk. His parents are believed to have been Thomas HAWKINS (a publican) and Elizabeth LINGWOOD (b. ca. 1787, Halesworth / Chediston, Suffolk). The family appear to have moved from Suffolk to Wells-next-the Sea by 1838 and then to London by 1841. William Frederrick HAWKINS married Elizabeth ASHMEAD (b. Wells-next-the-Sea) at St Giles Cripplegate, London. William Frederick HAWKINS (b. 1820) changed his name to William LANCASTER in the 1840s (why?) and the family ended up in Ipswich, Suffolk. Who are William LANCASTER (b. ca. 1800, Southwark) and Elizabeth LANCASTER (b. ca. 1789, Halesworth) in Ipswich in 1851? Are these the mother and step-father of William Frederick HAWKINS / LANCASTER?

Any information to help solve family mystery greatly received, Louise

Louise Argent
23 September 2006
I believe my branch of the Lancaster family originated in Garsdale and Patterdale, villages near Kendall, Cumbria, in the 1750s.

But my Great-Grandfather, Willam Handley Lancaster was originally baptised at Portsmouth in 1809.

Does anyone know of other members of this branch of the family?

Also, does anyone know of a John Lancaster, born in East India about 1810 (British Citizen)and living with Catherine Lancaster (my great-grand-mother) in Barking, Essex, UK at the 1841 and 1851 census?
john lancaster
14 September 2006
hi im looking for kettlewell info
William Kettlewell who married Carrie milliken (carrie born 1898)
i am lead to believe that williams father was also william...have also heard the name James kettlewell...and some relatives have mentioned granny Jenny kettlewell... any of this sound familiar pls contact me..
visit my family tree pls
at tribal pages lostlowney or search any of these names above.. u may find what ur looking for there too
14 September 2006
Hi. I came across your site by accident and found my great grandfather and grandmother - Stephen Davies and Ann Rowlands. They had anothe daughter Barbara born 15th Nov 1884. Ann died 19th July 1885. Barbara must have gone to live with relatives after her mother died. My grandfather was Daniel Rowland Davies. I am very pleased I have found your site.
Gwyneth Davies
14 September 2006
I am seeking information on the Bennett family who lived in Albert Street, Warton with Lindeth.The family moved from Tipton,Staffs in late 19C.
8 September 2006
Great website. I found it by accident. I am looking for a Richard Alva Lancaster born about 1848 in Tennessee. I think his father was William G. Lancaster. Richard married Mary Breeding. Richard seems to have disappeared as I can not find him in the census anywhere after 1880. I am told that his son, Nello recieved some papers from England about property owned there but this is just word of mouth. Does any of this tie in with anyone else's research.
Mark Lancaster
8 September 2006
Would love to share any information on the LANCASTER family. I have dated my family back to 1791 all in the SUSSEX area.
6 September 2006
I don't know how many times I have looked at your website for one reason or another. Never quite found a link yet though. A great site, lots of hard work!
I noticed today you had a Tyson family as publicans of the Griffin Inn in Broughton in Furness. My G Grandfather (Walker) was a publican in Broughton. Listed in 1901 census as Griffin Street. Not sure at the time if that was their home address or address of the Pub? Do you have any info on the Griffin Inn. Just an interesting possibility I am looking at.
Many thanks.
jenny saxon
19 August 2006
I have an Ellen O'Brien, dau. of John O'Brien & Ellen Rooney who married a Lancaster. Ellen born 1866 in Ireland (her father was stationed there - they also lived in England & Scotland). Unknown where Mr& Mrs Lancaster were married, lived or died. Would love to learn further. Thank you.
18 August 2006
I came across this tree as I am related to the Taylors within this tree. I have more (correct) information should anyone want to contact me regarding John Taylor b1825 Kendal and his family.
Amanda Cornwell
15 August 2006
We need more participants in the Lancaster DNA surname project. It is run by Lancasters, for Lancasters, and aims to (1) break through, or confirm, doubtful paper trails (2) confirm which Lancasters are anciently linked, or not, and - eventually - which might in fact correspond to any of the few Lancaster families whose medieval genealogy can be studied.

(For example the de Lancastre Barons of Kendall, the de Lancastres of Iberia who descend from the Capetian kings of France, and perhaps some early burgesses and land owners in various parts of Britain.)

Contact me if you're interested!

Andrew Lancaster
Andrew Lancaster
8 August 2006
This site was brilliant. loved looking at the old pictures. and cant believe how much grandma knowles looked so much like her great grandad james butterfield!
Zoe Harrison
8 August 2006
Hello. Found this site by accident. I am now at a standstill with my Family Tree. I am from Sheffield Yorkshire and so were most of my Lancasters. My Father was Alfred born 1924 his father was Alfred born 1895 his father Thomas born 1858 his father was John born 1830
Does Anyone out there connect with us?
3 August 2006
I am John Lancaster born in Billenge Hosp Wigan 1949, my father was John(Jack) Lancaster born 1920 he had 5 sisters, Josie, Sylvia, Marion, Ceilia,& Veronica, their father was Joseph Lancaster, would like to know where my grandad was from.
John Lancaster
2 August 2006
Very interesting site, I have just found my great grandfather(Norman Lancaster) on the census. our branch of the family went to Cornwall from Great Cheverell Wilts. My Great Great Grand father was the last of the sheep bell makers in the country when he died in 1919. I will be using the site when I start our family tree.
Peter Lancaster
27 July 2006
A wonderful bit of work. I happened on it as I'm looking for Le Roy Lancaster last address was Santa Barbara Ca, His F was Roy Arthur Lancaster in Aurora, Il. Leroy wife Naomi Jean Horton My cousin. Are they alive now & their children ???
Ethel Taylor
6 July 2006
An impressive amount of information. Congratulations to whoever is working on this.
In the interests of historical accuracy, I was born in 1952, not 1953 as posted on this site.
Doug Butterfield
5 July 2006
Has anyone heard of:
Robert Lancaster (1826) married Harriet Jane Chatfield OR
(son)Charles Henry Lancaster (1874) married Sophia Russell.
Charles' siblings are James, Mary Ann, Robert, Rose, William.
25 June 2006
I forget to explain in my previous msg that i found the headstones of William,Ann and Richard with the dates and with help of the Wayne Co Historical Society.The only problem we could not find out when they left England and when and where they arrived in the US.We know William,Ann and son Richard came to Wayne Co Pennsylvania appx.1816. This is an excerp from a Wayne,Pike and Monroe Counties history page: William Lancaster,an Englishman and a carpenter by trade,first came to Sterling to assist Robert Bortree build his Grist-Mill in 1816.The problem is trying to find out when and where they came from in England.
Richard Lancaster
21 June 2006
My Lancaster's started with William Lancaster born 1756 in England Died 1833 at Wayne Co Pennsylvania. His wife Ann Born 1762 in England Died 1839 Wayne Co Pennsylvania. Had a son Richard born 1794 in England died 1871 in South Sterling Wayne Co Pennsylvania.
I cannot find out where they came from in England. William was a carpenter by trade. Rich Lancaster
Richard Lancaster
19 June 2006
Looking for the Lancaster's who migrated to the United States (S. Carolina). signed William R. Lancaster JR
William R. Lancaster JR.
8 May 2006
Elizabeth Ann Lee from Atherton, Lancashire, UK married into the Lancaster family. Does this ring any bells with anyone?
Sheila Mughal
25 April 2006
Looking for the family of William LANCASTER who married Esther Margaret Armstrong who ran the Wheatsheaf Inn in Kirkland, Kendal UK. Had 4 children Richard (born Kendal 19/9/84), John, Polly and William.
Kaye Preema
23 April 2006
There was a Richard Lancaster positively id'd on a former WWI battlefield last week. His remains were found by amateur historians and he was from Lancashire, with known offspring.
Peter Robinson
17 April 2006
Downes.... someone contacted me 2 years ago with this name. I have found a grave in Wellington with the names Edward and Mary Anne Downes. Edward died March 30th 1848. I have a picture in the event someone contacts me.
peter brickley
6 April 2006
We found the grave of George Brickley in All Saints Wellington. He dies 7/6/1831 aged 71. Wife Harriet buried with died 27/12/1849 aged 91! Their son John was buried with them (died 11/5/1827). There details are pasted below.

George BRICKLEY [Parents] was christened 1 2 Mar 1760 in Wellington, Shropshire. He was buried 2 11 Jun 1831 in Wellington, Shropshire. George married 1 Harriet SYMONS on 31 Oct 1781 in Wellington, Shropshire.

Harriet SYMONS was born 1 about 1761. She was buried 2 30 Dec 1849 in Wellington, Shropshire. Harriet married 3 George BRICKLEY on 31 Oct 1781 in Wellington, Shropshire.

peter brickley
6 April 2006
nice website. cant find any of my relatives though...anyone know Eric Lancaster?
Dan Lancaster
30 March 2006
My Lancaster connection starts with Lancaster, William (Wilhelm) born 04. February 1822 (?) in Blackburn died 17.January 1911 (?) in Accrington married with Jane Pickuse (?) can anyone help please. Many Thanks
Kay Pe
27 March 2006
I'm Looking for info re: Edgar Lancaste, MD. Died in Shady Dale Georgia. Married to Jewel Moats.
Ray Weymann
19 March 2006
Hi, Im trying to trace my Lancaster roots from Australia back to the UK. A male Lancaster married a female Fitzgerald before emigrating to Australia-does anyone know which Lancaster this is-there are so many of them!! Im presuming the marriage was somewhere in the late 1700's early 1800's... Thanks Hannah
Hannah Halsey
15 March 2006
hi your web page is great i am related to hannah salt born 1822 . if you wish for some info on her please get in touch as it would be great pleasure to add more on you have must have worked hard .
from wendy
wendy bird
14 March 2006
Information from this site has filled in a lot of gaps for me regarding my relative Hannah Watts Thanks to whoever did the research
Jan Daybell
23 January 2006
My name is Betty Snyder. I am trying to find information on my mothers dad. His name was Alfred Hunt. My mother's name is Joyce and her sister is Ruby. My grandmother was Kathern Elnor. My mother lost track of her father when she was very young and would love to find lots of information on him. She was born on Mars Hill, NC
Betty Snyder
9 January 2006
B 9-5-1879 D 6-28-1962
angela march-lancaster
9 January 2006
Interesting tree and I notice that there are several "BLADEN's" in the Tree. My family came from Staffordshire, Yorkshire and Shropshire. I would welcome any information on this family.
Mark Bladen
Auckland, New Zealand
Mark Bladen
1 January 2006
My Lancasters are in Padiham in the 1800s and Newchurch in pendle in the 1700s. Has anyone else got a Lancaster Lancaster in their tree, Strange to have first name and surname the same ?
Maggie Lancaster
28 December 2005
There are people in the Finney and Lancaster tree who have the genetic disorder Hereditary Haemachromatosis. As the name suggests the disorder is inherited from your ancestors, for more information either contact me or look at this web site
Jane Hunt
7 December 2005
In the Fnney Tree I notice Jane Buckland from East Grinstead. She is the sister of my Grandfather, William Buckland killed 1914 and recently featured on " Not Forgotten" Channel 4
I have quite a few details of the family. Dick monk
Richard Monk
6 December 2005
Hi everyone.
I just found this site by accident.
My name is Dylan Lancaster and I am originally from Leigh, Lancashire. I am 32 years old. My dad's side of the family were from the Liverpool area, I think. His name is Philip Lancaster and he still lives in Leigh. His mum and dad were Bill and Gladys Lancaster and they were from or lived in the Liverpool area.
I have 2 sisters, Jane and Sara, though we lost contact over 10 years ago now, sadly. My mum was Patricia Lancaster, originally Baines. She died young (39) in 1993.
I now live in Mossley, near Ahton Under Lyne.
Dylan Lancaster
5 December 2005
Hello All,
Now this is something you don't come across everyday! A LANCASTER family tree! WOW! I am related to Alan Lancaster, Son of Edward J Lancaster who is married to Veronica Lancaster who is a member of the Forbes family. They are both from Inverness, Scotland.

Regards, Jonathan Lancaster, Bangor, Northern Ireland
Jonathan Lancaster
27 November 2005

Tracing my mother family tree of lancaster found record of death for a Arthur Lancaster (Arter Lankersher)buried Kenn England maried to Mary my ancestors run as follows William Lancaster Wraxall England mariied Ann Collins son Arthur who married Pamela Lot son Mark married Elizabeth Windsor moved to Australian sometime around 1852-1854 son William married Loena (Elizabeth) Kashow son Henry Arthur married Priscilla Gaye daughter Doreen married Frank Kenealy daughter me Sandra. I have other info about aunts and uncles but would like some more. If you know some of these names please contact me.


11 November 2005
This amazing site has given me so much information about my husbands family - thanks to everyone who has done all the hard work !!
Now trying to find out about the MOORE family (Sarah Elizabeth Moore married James BUTTERFIELD sometime around 1930-40, but I've found nothing else about her yet - despite what looks like a wedding photo of her on this site!!)
Amanda Butterfield
27 October 2005
Hi I enjoyed looking at this site but couldnt understand it. My gg grand father was john tyson his brother was william. John married Hannah casson but I am trying to find out Johns parents can anyone help please. Thanks
25 October 2005
Don't suppose you have come accross a James Postlethwaite of Nether Houses near Ulverston, possibly born 1780-1790 have you? Have just discoverd my 3rd Gt.Grandfather James Simpson, born Kendal 1817-1899, bastard child of Esther Simpson of Kendal, his real father was named James Postlethwaite (Husbandman)at the Petty Session Courts on 17th January 1817 in Kendal.
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson
20 October 2005
Didn't know there were quite so many Johns around! My father is John, son of Ivy and Fred, brother to Arthur, Fred Robert and Peter. My brothers are and Mike. Don't actually know anything other than that, but what an intersesting sight.
Susan Berrill (nee Lancaster)
18 October 2005
Hello, I'm looking for my ancestors in Lancashire.
I'm descendant from Richard Lancaster born ca 1740/50, married 1771 (Ormskirk)and deceased 1780 (Ormskirk).
A lot of his family members came to Belgium ca 1800
Many thanks in advance and best regards, Bernard
9 October 2005
My Grandmother was Mary Alice Sowerbutts who married George Francis Airey. Her Parents were Albert Edward Sowerbutts who married Hannah Bertram b 1873 circa. Her parents were as you know Thomas Bertram and Mary Rigg. So i guess you can say I am missing branch of the Lancaster Tree.
I have a genes reunited site and you can contact me on the email address above.
Thanks Denise
Denise Ashe
1 October 2005
I have relatives that came from County Cork Ireland. Their last names were Butterfield. I guess my great grandmother was born on the ship that brought them to the States. From what I was told my ancestors have a castle in Cork Ireland called Butterfield Castle. Can anyone help me?
Claire Owen
8 September 2005
Does anyone have any information on Margaret Cathrine Lancaster born 1854 Mornington Penisula Victoria Australia. She married a John Reynolds 1876, I would be most grateful to find out more about my great grandmother.
Tasma Ware
4 September 2005
John Morgan &
Leonard Ross Dodds
30 July 2005
A great piece of research! A Benjamin Lancaster founded the world famous price's candle Company in 1830 with a guy called Wilson. The original company was called Edward Price &
dave williams
11 July 2005
Trying to find my Greatgreat grandfathers birth and death .he had to sons William Lancaster born 1833 Lancashire and Edward born 1836 Hulme Lancashire . They both came to Australia in 1854 . They have Thomas Lancaster and Mary Banks listed as their parents , would anyone have an information that may help me .
Anne Stephen
8 July 2005

my grandmother was alice rozina machin born around 1890, she in one of 13 children.
her parents were thomas joseph machin born 1849 and he married frances elizabeth owen.
thomas machin parents were john machin born around newington.
any more information would be appreciated.
wendy stirling(spencer/machin)
2 July 2005
I am a descendant of the William Astbury and Eleanor Cotton in your family tree.

William is very elusive. Cannot find his birth but he died in 1865 in Snedshill Nr Shifnal. Eleanor/Ellen died in 1863 in Becton Heath Asylum Shrewsbury. They had eight children - I can give you a list if you would like to add them to your records? I have some ancestors of Ellen too.

Let me know if you want the information.

Regards from a distant relative!!!
John Astbury
20 June 2005
My Lancaster connection starts with Frances, bapt 1824 Nottingham, Engand goes back via William bt 1793Balderton, Ntts to Joseph bt 1761 Normanton, Lincs to Charles bt 1726
Wilsford, Lincs and Christopherwho died in Ancaster, Lincs 1768, Bn c 1700.If anyone can help me get back further I would be grateful. Have a load of other peoples'jigsaw puzzles. All Notts,or Lincs if anybody interested.
2 June 2005
Came across your website when looking for Ormandy name and you have my great grand father there---William james Ormandy.We now live in Australia ex NZ and I wonder if you could tell me whether Jennifer Gardner is from NZ as the name is connected to Willams wifes line ---the McKenzies.
Thanks for putting info on line
Regards Bill Hurford---my mother was an Ormandy and we have all the decendants of William detailed here in NZ
Bill Hurford
30 May 2005
I turned up your website on google, whilst doing a search on George and Agnes Robinson who lived at Croglin Kirkby Ireleth in the 1881 census. As they are my great great grand parents, I wondered if you had any further details about them - particularly offspring, as I am searching for details of one of their daughters who may have married a Stewardson
Nl Shann
N Shann
29 May 2005
My pop Arthur Finney came from Wigan .His wife Maggie [nee Chamberlain ] came from Bradford .I am in Qld Aust .Could there be any ties .
barry finney
25 May 2005
I know i am not in the family tree but i wanted to know about debra and Alfred Lancaster and if they are in your family because we found there house that had been burned down but not completly and we wanted to get some info. about them we found a ton of papers and bills its in youngsville NC we would really apriciate it if you could help ~Thanks Amber C.~
Amber Castleberry
20 May 2005
I was just wandering and came across the name Tyson,thought i would ckeck it out.I am from Canada,my Great grand parents moved here from England,along with my Granddad in 1915,my Great grandmother was a Simms....anyone know of these names together(Tyson&
Tammy Tryan(nee Tyson)
4 April 2005
I am John Rushton - a great grandson of Edward Rushton who was born in 1859. Edward and Sarah Hodson also had another son - Harry. He married Agnes Milhench on St Swithins day in 1916. They had three children - Harry, Emily, and Kenneth (my father). Kenneth married Rita Davis on 14th March 1953 and they had three children - John Kenneth, Darrell Maxwell and Valerie Ann.
John Rushton
30 March 2005
Happened across your site searching for ansestors of Lewis L Lancaster USA, DOB approx. 1810.

Maybe second or third generation American.

Stan Lancasters
29 March 2005
Came across your site whilst looking for something else entirely! You list Lucy Hannah Swindlehurst as marrying John Postlethwaite. I can tell you that Lucy' father Marmaduke Swindlehurst married Maragert Ellwood in Melling August 16th 1851. They had 10 (known) children and Lucy was the 10th born August 10th 1872 in Docker.
Marmaduke her father (twin of Henry Swindlehurst) farmed at Gunnerthwaite after the death of his father James in 1851 when the farm was 159 acres. By the 1861 census the acreage was 170 employing two men and one girl. At the time of the 1871 census Marmaduke had moved to Docker 225 acres and he was still there in 1881 when the acreage had increased to 240.
His name is on the upstream central panel of Keer Bridge in the following inscription:
Newton with Docker
John Mackreth
This information is taken from the book 'Dated Buidings of South Lonsdale' by Emmeline Garnett.
Dy Swindlehurst
23 March 2005
My father Mark Postlethwaite was the son of John Postlethwaite was born at the Greyhound Grizebeck, three of his siblings are listed.I found the whole site fascinating and it has saved me a great deal of time tracing my family tree. Now I will start with my Mothers side who was a Sykes from Well House Kirkby.
John David Postlethwaite
22 March 2005
I'm looking for a Fredricka Lancaster or her mother Shirley Lancaster who lived in the L.A area in the 1960's. I am assisting my mother in-law with her search for her family tree. If you have any information that may help me please e-mail me!
Tasha Foschetti
1 March 2005
I am looking for John Lancaster( Lankester)Born around 1700
He had 3 children:John Jr. born 1730 died 1801, Nathaniel born Nov. 24 1734 died May 1809, William Allen Born 1738 Died 1780. IF these names are fimilar please email me.
Doug Lancaster
19 February 2005
Does anyone have a Joseph Henry Lancaster in their tree? His father was also Joseph Lancaster.

I don't know anything about him (Joseph Henry) other than he came to Australia some time between 1840-1854. Does this match with anyone's ancestor?
18 February 2005
Looking for Ormandy in Lancashire area who may have family history showing two brothers, Thomas and William Ormandy (William married to Elizabeth Winfield) wholeft England and went to Canada, ending up in Owen Sound Ontario. Their father and mother believed to be Thomas Ormandy and Jane (maiden name Coward) -anyone have any ideas?

Would love to connect with family in England
Trish Dehmel
29 January 2005
Looking for any Lancaster's or any information related to the following names from Wayne and Pike Co. Pa
William Lancaster 1756-1833,Ann his Wife 1762-1839
Richard Lancaster 1794-1871,Francis mcilvain his wife 1793-1859
William Lancaster age 33 Pike Co Green Township 1850 Census
Rich Lancaster
26 January 2005
On am working on my family tree in Bedfordshire My great grandad x 5 was william Lancaster born Chalgrave Bedfordshire 1718. I now live in the same village. Please contact me with information as I have come up against a brick wall.
Rose Lancaster
25 January 2005
1/24/05 this was a nice visit but ranout of time. Goorge, 206 938 1280....
George T. Butterfield
24 January 2005

Just thought I would say hello to fellow Lancasters.


Marcus Lancaster
Marcus Lancaster
17 January 2005
Just checking to see if there is a connection with my family tree which starts with John Lancaster of Keswick, Cumberland, (B-1816, D-1888). Married to Elizabeth Scott (B-1819, D-1886)
Judy Lancaster
17 January 2005
Just entered my maiden name of Lancaster into google &
Katherine Gallimore (Nee Lancaster)
16 January 2005
Hi - I have a Friday Maddison in my family too. He was born about 1820 in Lincolnshire and married a Mary West.There are numerous Johns in my family apart from me. The other coincidence is that although born in Sheffield, I now live in Cumbria, in Gosforth.
John Maddison
12 January 2005
Details of Edward Lancaster for the family tree
Born 4 April 1908 died 20 August 1993 in Auckland, NZ.
He had three sons Edward, John and Michael
Mary Anne Gill
5 January 2005
I have some more information on Edward 'Ted' Lancaster who died in New Zealand -- could you email me so I can update the information please
Mary Anne Gill
4 January 2005
Just started to trace my ancesters and came across your great site
Harry Cadman
15 December 2004
I wonder if you can help as my father was Joseph Lancaster born on 23/11/1910 in Ulverston. He had a sister called Kate or Katie. He married Jean Wood on 28/03/1952?
Any information would be great.
14 December 2004
Not the Tysons, Atkinsons or Shepherds I was looking for but nevertheless very interesting to see so many familiar names in Furness area.
Sylvia S. Robinson
30 November 2004
I found it great to look back and find my great grandparents but I've noticed the name of my Auntie is wrong she is Jean Tyson not Susan daughter of John and Vena. I wondered if we could add in the next two generations?
Marie Plews
11 November 2004
interested in elizabeth and walter as we have relatives in ulpha area around that time going to investigate further
alistair craghill
30 October 2004
Instead of cutting my lawn I have been sitting in front of my computer all afternoon. I have learnt alot about my family that I didnt know. Thank you for all your research this has been absolutely fascinating. I think we are third cousins as we share the same Great Great Grandparents Robert and Frances Lancaster but I may be wrong. Alice Lancaster would have been my Grandma Lena (Helena Lancasters Aunt. Lenas daughter Audrey born 1938 is still alive and living in Stockport. She is married to a David Smith and they had four Children - two sets of twins Pamela and Paul born in 1965 and Stephen and Nigel in 1967.
Thank you again.
Julia Fell
18 September 2004
Hello I am Edgar Fells daughter. Julia b 1964
My Grandparents Helena and Albert Lancasteralso had Audrey Fell in 1938 I did not realise my Grandma who died in about 1982 was called Helena - she was known as Lena. I have found the Lancasters - Robert and Frances living in Backbarrow on the 1901 census along with Agnes Crowe who my Great Grandfather Edward Lancaster married. My Grandmothers sister Alice Lancaster (Agnes too) who died in about 1992 aged 90/91 talked about her grandfather winning the hill race at Grasmere sports in the 1880s. My father Edgar Fell died aged 66 in July 2000.
Julia Fell
Julia Fell
18 September 2004

My name is Aline Lancaster-Jones. I live in Mexico, and I'm wondering if I have any relatives in the Uk. All I know is that this branch of the Lancaster family, who lives in mexico since a few generations ago, descends from Joseph Lancaster, who was a teacher and invented the "
Aline Lancaster
16 September 2004
Nice to see where the Cark clan of Butterfields came from.

If you cant to clarify some of the names feel free to contact me.
Les Gilpin
12 September 2004
I have just started the Family tree thing but I don't have very much info to go on and I am wondering if anyone can point me in a direction.

I am Jonathan Lancaster Born 1968 in Darwen Lancashire. I have 2 brothers
Jon Lancaster
8 September 2004
Looking to find information on an Isaac Kitchen from Bootle, who married Frances Armstrong. Their marriage is registered in Whitehaven in the September quarter for 1899.
Nancy Armstrong
17 August 2004
I'm trying to trace the origins of Henry Lancaster born in Hackney in about 1807. He had an older sister called Eleanor. His son Henry was born in about 1828 in Reading. After this the whole family moved to Sussex.
I have a great deal of information after about 1840 but am trying to fill in gaps prior to this. I am happy to share the information I have if anyone is looking at the same branch of the family.
jo lancster
7 August 2004
I am a descendant of Issac Henry Lancaster's wife, Elizabeth Ann Woodford,and found your site very helpful in filling in some blanks on my family tree.If you have any further information about their marriage I would be grateful
Janet Clarke
Janet Clarke
27 July 2004
Great website. I am a direct descendent of Deborah Butterfield 1740 who married Samuel Simpson.
Do you know that Deborah's father Thomas was a merchant in Lancaster and lent money for Marriage Bonds during the 1730s - 40s.Thomas's father Christopher was made a Freeman of the City of Lancaster in 1692.
17 July 2004
hi i am reserching the kettlewell family tree if you can help me in anyway please email me thanks sarah
sarah rebecca kettlewell
2 July 2004
I have an ancestor called Jabez Burgess who was born in 1826 in Wellington. He married a Jane Pugh in about 1849. They had Thomas in 1853 (my immediate ancestor) and Enoch in 1858, Jane in 1863 and William in 1866 (Iron worker in Sedgeley in 1881. I knew there were 2 Jabezes in Shropshire but I did not realise they had both married Janes. How might we disentangle?

Val Whiteman
27 June 2004
i have a nanna White but i dont know what her first name is. i noticed that you have a white in your surname list and i was wondering if you could find out if she had a daughter called Hazel White who married Bruce Findley of Orbost and contact me. Hazel is currently alive and well, i am her grandaughter. Thank you.
Anna Findley
23 June 2004
Excellent site, have found so much information on the Brickley's of Shropshire.
22 June 2004
Re Brickley Surname.
My great Grandmother Annie Brickley is listed on this website, as is her daughter Florence Collier born 1900.
My Grandmother Elsie (born 1902 in Leigh , Lancashire is Florence Collier's sister. All are buried in Leigh Cemetery.
22 June 2004
William Henry Ward christened 11/08/1855 was my great-grandfather. In addition to Alice he had 3 sons - Octavius born 1883, Herbert born 1893 and Ernest Wilfred born 29/11/1896 who was my grandfather. He married Ellen Louise Salmons in 1921 and they had 2 sons Harold and Eric my dad!
Thanks for the info on earlier Wards. Hazel 19/06/2004
hazel moss
19 June 2004
I find this site extremely interesting. Is there a connection with Zillah Salt who was born in Cheadle circa 1833 and who married James Thorley at Cheadle in 1862. I cannot find her on the 1841 census for Cheadle.
Cathryn Walton
12 June 2004
I'll be the rare one..... I found the brickley's represented in shropshire c 1800s. Still trying to take the history beyonf 1700.

peter brickley
5 June 2004
Searching for my GG Grandfather, John Henry Lancaster, son of Robinson and Myra Lancaster. Born about 1870 in Risby, Lincolsnshire, he married Elizabeth Patchett on 14th April 1897 in Middle Rasen, Lincolnshire. His sons were Charles Robinson Lancaster and Fred Lancaster. Any help with dates etc (i.e. birth and death) would be most gratefully appreciated.

John D. Lancaster
John Lancaster
25 May 2004
Thank you for all your work on this site. It is greatly appreciated.
I am a descendent of William Porter and Elizabeth Ormandy, of whom my family had almost no accurate information. Your website gave me Elizabeth's grandparents and enough information on William to link him to the Porters of Carlisle and fourteen generations of Porter family history.
Bill Glover
16 May 2004
I am related to Benjamin Bather born about 1793. You give his father as John Bather. I recall that he was baptised at Fitz, the son of another Benjamin Bather. This family came from Montford, and were previously of Great Ness.
Benjamin Bather
16 April 2004
An interesting website. I see my great grandmother features - Ann Salt daughter of Michael Salt and Mary Weston. She married a Walter Stephen Martin. Have you come across any other Martin info. in passing?
Tony Martin
11 April 2004
Havent really started looking into my family, mainly doing the wifes Scottish tree, but know we originate from the Lincolnshire area splitting off into Norfolk, but your database is is a great sourse of info
Paul Lancaster
31 March 2004
I found this site while looking for any Butterfields in the U.K. I have information to update our side of the family tree. Could you please let me know how I should go about it.
Thank you.
Lesley (Butterfield) Samson (formerly Hilder)
sisters Rosemary &
Lesley Butterfield Samson
6 February 2004
I am trying to trace my roots to a Denwood Lancaster born about 1879, son of Joseph Lancaster, born Kendal Westmoreland date unknown but presumed about 1848. Married Barbara Denwood in about 1874. Denwood Lancaster came to South Africa, I believe with at least two of his brothers inabout 1909 or 1910. He died in 1942.
If anyone can help I will be most pleased.
Kevin Lancaster
2 February 2004
Hi. Was searching for Lancaster Bomber site for my family tree and came across this. Noticed you had a relative from Bobbin Mill Cottage 1871. My wife, kids and I have spent 3 great holidays in Bobbin Mill 1996, 1997 and 1998. My fathers friend owned it for a number of years and we used to rent it.
Lovely place.
Dave Horn
26 January 2004
I am from Columbia, TN. I am originally from West Memphis.My dads name is also Howard Allen Lancaster. He is from West Memphis, Arkansas. My grandpas name was Joe Lancaster and his wife Marie Lancaster. They are both from Proctor, Arkansas. They have six kids. Jean,James,Barbara,Edith,Joe,and of course my dad. Jean still lives in Proctor. James lives in Ohio. Barbara lives in Illinois. Edith lives in Indiana.Joe lives in Proctor.If this is of any use to anyone contact me at
Howard Lancaster
11 January 2004
any imformation on annie mary lancaster, from workington, born 1903? moved to leeds
john spence
11 January 2004
Looking for the ancestors of my great-great grandmother, Sarah Ann Lancaster, b. Aug. 6, 1825
Larry Colbert
28 December 2003
Ourtstanding research work. I only hope I can tie my Lancasters into yours.
Barbara Lancaster Tsirigotis
17 December 2003
I am looking to trace my relatives that lived in and around Bolden Colliery before they moved to the midlands.
My grandfathers name was George Lancaster and his wife was Minnie Lancaster.
Norman James Lancaster
3 December 2003
Hi, this is an interesting site, great to research, though I have not found a link as yet.

Al so take a look at

Nicholas Lancaster
21 November 2003
I am tring to trase my famliy history as far back as I can. The olny thing is I don't the money to purchase anything or services to help me. I know this is going to take longer if it is even possible. I know that my grandfather was Richard Lancaster and was born about 1926,in Clarksburg,WV He married my grandmother Ruth Eleanor Gillispie about 1945. They lived in a little town of Grantsville, WV. Where they raised 5 children one of which was my father James Richard Lancaster born in 1957. If you could help me go back any father or tell me a web site that would help me get started I would very much apperciate the help.

21 November 2003
Hi, this is Ric Lancaster again. Have been searching family tree since last year and made contact with my mothers half sister and cousin, which has been great. Many many false starts, thinking our family were from Southampton, then Suffolk and then Kent, to no avail. May be that we were from kempston, Bedford (many thanks to Louise Argent for her support). Am ready to see if that link is true. If anyone reading this has family from there, please do contact me. Thanks
Ric Lancaster
29 October 2003
Hi! Kiwi relation here,I was born in New Zealand my father being Jack Oliver Lancaster born Rishton Lancashire,Who emigrated here some time 1950's. Would LOVE any info!

Many Thanks Doreen Lancaster
Doreen Rachel Lancaster
30 September 2003
Hi Jane

I have just started building my Lancaster family site. Waiting for it to go on the www. My Lancaster roots are from Litchfield, Hampshire.

Any chance you could add a link to it at


Mick Lancaster
Mick Lancaster
17 September 2003
iam trying to find out all i can about the lancaster tree. Grandfathers name albert,brother edward. albert married mazzille, ed married mattie. i was born in ark. my grn mom was from Ok. her name was williams

15 September 2003
Great information. I am searching for LANCASTER's and Hutchcrofts in and around HOWDEN Parish before 1800.
Pat Lancaster
7 September 2003
Hello my name is Lyrae Morrison. my maiden nameis Lancaster. My dad is William V Lancater. His family is from South Carolina. His dad's name is William Lancaster and his mom's name was Lynn. His grandmother's name was Grace Lancaster and his Grandfather's was William Lancaster. We are of the line from the royalty of the Lancaster's in the UK. Hopefully we can start writing so we can exchange somemore infor. Thanks Lyrae Morrison (Lancaster)
Lyrae Morrison
26 August 2003
Re: the message relating to William LANCASTER b. 1820
Louise Argent
1 August 2003
my fathers name was john brickley, it was interesting to see other families with the same names and backround
kim brickley
31 July 2003
23 July 2003
I`ve only been "
Gerald J Lancaster
5 July 2003
Greetings from Hermitage, Tennessee--a small 'burg just outside of Music City, USA, Nashville, Tennessee. Although I realize this is the UK faction of our family tree, I know my search will ultimately take me here. I run into a blank wall every time I try finding out about my Dad's ancestry. Perhaps some one of you holds a key. Dad was Charles Maxwell Lancaster, professor of languages at Vanderbilt University, Rhodes Scholar studying at Balliol College in the '30s, and all around linguist and literary expert. The only child of Charles Edward Lancaster (1 of 4/5 siblings, no names known) and Louise Silliman of York Alabama (her family migrated from South Carolina)
Linda Lancaster Norfleet
5 July 2003
I was amazed at finding your site. And finding I had so many ancestors. I am related to about ten of the family names listed starting with Butterfield and through Knowles and Abeysuriya and Harrison Thank you
Christine Waterworth
2 July 2003
24 June 2003
What a wonderful site, love it!
22 June 2003
i looking to start a family tree of the lancaster's my dada name is gene lancaster and his father name was luther they came to ca from ok. anyone with any info please e mail me
priscilla lancaster cardoza
28 May 2003
Very interesting and useful site. I have been tracing my family history from my grandfather William Lancaster who was born in Litchfield, Hampshire in 1867. Sofar I have not established who his mother and father were as there is no birth certificate available. I know his grandfather was John Lancaster as this is detailed on the return for the 1871 and 1881. They were living in Village Road, Litchfield. The male members of the family were mainly farm workers and were living in the village from the late 1700's.

Any information would be welcome.

Mick Lancaster
Mick Lancaster
25 May 2003
HI my name is John Starr I am 37 yrs old I live in ohio USA My great grandmothers name was Lottie Lancaster She married Henry Burke They had a girl named Florence my grandmother which died may 10 2003 she was 86 yrs old her birthday is May 16 If you have any information about any of these names PLEASE let me know.
John Starr
12 May 2003
My name is Mark Lancaster - originally from Harrogate, N. Yorks. My father was James William Lancaster and my grandfather Randolph Lancaster. Thats as far as I get - how do I go back further? Where do I look? I am living in South Africa now but if anyone can help it would be appreciated.
Mark Lancaster
7 May 2003
hello to all,
my name is sean, as u can see its an irish name. i live in dublin Ireland, my dads half irish and half thai, his dad was irish, i was on the net lookin for some info and just thought id sign the guest book,
Sean Lancaster
27 April 2003
From Georgia, USA.
Conor Ryan Lancaster
23 April 2003
I am just starting to trace my family tree got as far as my greatgrandfather Edward lancaster born 1881 lived in Isleworth middlesex had four childen William,Daisy,John,Rose if you tracing this line of lancaster history please email with more information thanks
john lancaster
21 April 2003
Thanks for the Tipper information. Can't find the right Dorothy born in 1806 who married Samuel Salt collier son of Samuel and Anne. She died before 1850. Anyway many thanks for putting me on the right track. There are such a multitude of Salts it's amazing.
petronella Hopkins
7 April 2003
Hi, I found you had some Rileys and Procters in your family tree and hoped they'd mesh - apparently not! I have a Ruth Procter, possibly about a similar age to your Alice Ann. My Ruth married Samuel (or Joseph) Riley and had a daughter Elizabeth born 1864 in Derby. Most other lines in my family moved around, so perhaps your Alice Ann is a younger sister to my Ruth. Either way, we don't know their parents! Lets hope something comes to light!
30 March 2003
My Mary (Jane) ORMANDY born about Mar 1892 Blackburn, Lancs.England. married Thomas UTTING in 1911 Blackburn, Lancs. They had 5 children. Mary's parents are unknown to me.
Regards Olga Utting
Perth, West. Australia
Olga Utting
26 March 2003
I am Brenda Marie Shortt. Born Brenda Marie Lanceater. I was born in Charles County Maryland. My parents are Thomas I. and Emma Marie Lancaster. My Grandparents are Charles Calvert and Helen S. Lancaster. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Brenda Marie Shortt
20 March 2003
family is from pennsylvinia son of robert leroy
mark lancaster
20 March 2003
7 March 2003
I'm trying to trace my family tree I'm the youngest daugther of the late Raymond Lancaster of Oxford
leisa lancaster
5 February 2003
Hey, I'm from Mineral Wells, TX, USA. I'm not sure where all my family came from, but I know some came from the Illinois area around 1800. Anyway, just wanted to say hi.
Nicholaus Lancaster
28 January 2003
Born 21.10.36 Nottingham England now living in Sydney Australia
Eldest son of Edward Lancaster Born 1908 Nottingham England who was
Eldest son of Edward Lount Lancaster Died Nottingham England 1945
Edward Lancaster

Edward Lancaster
27 January 2003
I was born in 1959 near Gisburn
John Lancaster
24 January 2003
Son of John Robert Lancaster 11/06/1946
Lawrence Lancaster
8 January 2003
I am a descendant of Captain John Flower, son of John Flower, son of Christopher Flower whose spouse was Elizabeth Lancaster (daughter of William Lancaster) married at St. Dunstan, All Saints Church, Ratcliffe, England. Hoping to find information on Elizabeth and William.
dewayne allday
6 January 2003
I am looking for details of Thomas Benson Lancaster he was born in Cumberland 1861,I want details of his first marriage
Terence Holyfield
16 December 2002
I was raised in East Point Ga. My grandfather was JohnThomas Lancaster. He was raised in Jackson co. Ga.
Wife was Emma. That is all I know .He was born around 1880
Any help out there. Thank you Kerry Lancaster
Kerry T Lancaster
13 December 2002
Great site, but no connections yet! In my tree, Anna Maria Lancaster and brother Nathaniel (named after their father, Rev. Nathaniel Lancaster - rector of Stanford Rivers, Essex, England) were both born in Stanford Rivers but I have no dates. Anna married Rev. Thomas Wettenhall in 1739-1740 and Nathaniel married Ann Loyd in 1761 - both in Stanford Rivers. Any info on this family would be much appreciated.
Cori Hunt
7 December 2002
I enjoyed having a look and search through the details on your site. Not family connections I can see but a good site and easy to use.
Nick Lancaster
3 December 2002
hi im lookin 4 my family tree
kim nicholson
23 November 2002
Im trying to work out my family tree on the Lancaster side as I have so little knowledge. My mother is Janet lancaster, born in 1944, she was raised in an Orphanage as was her Brother John with the sisters of nazareth in Southampton(boys) and Portsmouth(girls). Thier father was Ronald James Lancaster, thought to have worked on the railways in Southampton, had 3 brothers (no details or dates for them). he lived in Botley/Hedgend area of Southampton) His 1st wife was Kathleen/Jaquelene O'Keefe, originally from Cork, Ireland. Again no dates on these. She died around 1954 from TB in nazareth house. Ronald died about 15 years ago. |He married a second time shortly afer his first wifes death and they had a daughter Christine who would be around 50-55 yrs old now. We have no idea of family before then, no photos etc. Any info would be gratefully recieved. many thanks.
Ric (Richard) Lancaster
4 November 2002
I am looking for my great grandmother Rose Elizabeth Nash and any relations of hers. She was born in Featherstone England 10 JaN 1894. I came across your site while researching.
Cheryl Cole
28 October 2002
I appreciate the webste you have set up! Thanks to this site, I have been able to look up old family history! Turnes out I am from a long line of royalty! All the way from the "
Richelle Lancaster
26 October 2002
Hi! My name is Richelle Lancaster from North Carolina (born in Missouri). I am 14 years old and have been digging for the longest time on family history! I have found bits and pieces that may provide use to all my Lancastrian relatives! I am still continuing to study and serch and I want for everyone who has come onto this site to E-mail me so that mabey we could get to know our spread out relatives much better! I have learned much from this website and I may be able to add a few refrences and facts about our wonderful family history!
1. The Lancaster is a long line of utmost royalty!
2. Ther was once a war called "
Richelle Lancaster
26 October 2002
Our Lancaster family originated in Cumberland, England (Hunsonby, Great Salkeld, Edenhall, Winskill etc)
Shirley E Lancaster
16 October 2002
I will have to get my dad to check the site out. He is a Lancaster from Rochdale/Norden area of Lancashire. I know his grandfather played Rugby Union for Lancashire (my dad owned his cap at one point!). I would like to learn more about the Lancaster's from that area, but living over here in Seattle its hard to get much information.

Thanks for the great resource. Perhaps with my dad's knowledge of his family history we can use the site to piece a tree together.

Cheers! Rich
Richard John Lancaster
5 October 2002
Thanks for all your work. I am checking out your census list of Lancaster's trying to fine my grandparants from Lancashier.
26 September 2002
Great site. Well done. Will get my Dad (Christopher John Lancaster)to look at this, his father Christopher Ralph Lancaster never new his parents. Perhaps this site will help my Dad find out a bit more about his family.
Sara Kellher (nee Lancaster)
26 August 2002
Hello a great site to find. My family on my fathers side are also LANCASTERS. Whether there is any connection I don't know the earliest LANCASTER that I can trace in my family is WILLIAM LANCASTER born about 1820 and married to ELIZABETH ASHMEAD of WELLS NEXT THE SEA NORFOLK. Their son FREDERICK LANCASTER was born 1857 at IPSWICH SUFFOLK.
WILLIAM I believe may have come from MIDDLESEX, that is all that I can find out so far if anyone can supply another link back I would be grateful.
21 August 2002
Hi to all the Finney's out there I have just published a site to do with Benjamin Finney from broseley if you would like to check out visit it at ( )
14 August 2002
Very interested to see your web site. Well Done
My son in London drew my attention to it as he knew
I was in school with your Walter Butterfield b.1936 and
John Lancaster from Coniston.
I have spent about 20 years tracing my family back to 1605 so can appreciate the work that went into your web site
Len Bovill
24 July 2002
Thanks to your site I`ve found my gg granddad,Gilbert Lancs entry no 421.
Steve Lancaster
14 July 2002
Please add me to your lists. Born 9.5.65 Wigan St.Chritopher Home Wigan Lane Wigan Lancs.
Hamish Lancaster
11 July 2002
Nik Finney
1 July 2002
good site have just found links to some of my granfathers brothers in lancastershire.
B J Finney
2 June 2002
Iwaslooking for my Gdads first marriage he appears in the 1881 census Thomas Benson Lancaster unmarried in Cumberland, but I cannot find him between then and his second marriage in London,but a very helpful good site,thanks.
terence holyfield
2 June 2002
hello, i was surfing the net and found this sight and surprised to find i was on IT!!!! thanks im famous.
love maya xxx
maya abeysuriya
30 May 2002
I will look at your information. I have traced my GG and GGGrandfather to England. They were James Henry Postlethwaite and his son James.

Happy to share information with you if it is helpful.
Hartley A. Postlethwaite, IV
28 May 2002

Great to find a connection. Suprisingly it seems a common name, and I thought it would be easy.
14 May 2002
I have just begun the search for the Postlethwaite clan. Agnes Jane Postlethwaite (Matthews) was my great grandmother. Her father was Thomas Postlethwaite and mother Margaret Ann Atkinson. This is the first site I have found with the Postlethwaite. Hooray! Hopefully, I can connect the dots on this line.
Amy E. Bevilockway
2 May 2002
Fantastic website, keep up the great work, if only it was that simple.
Paul Lancaster
30 April 2002
i thought it was really interesting!!
nicole lancaster
26 April 2002
Thank you very much for putting the 1881 Census on your site. I have found five of our Lancaster ancestors on the first try! Will tell my cousins about your great job and have them check out the Census. Our Lancasters were in Buckinghamshire--Wycombe, oldest known are Joseph (1785-1851) and Harriet {Weyman} (1788-1847) Lancaster.
Aloha, Mary Ann Bolton in Mililani, Hawaii
Mary Ann Bolton
16 April 2002
Looking for the first wife of my Gdad Thomas Benson Lancaster
terence holyfield
14 April 2002
Just surfing around,found it interesting the connections,
and how far back we go.
James Lancaster
3 April 2002
Hi Jane
Have been looking at your tree for a couple of months now without realising it was only part of your site! DOH!

You've done a great job on it especially the '81 transcripts.
Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes

(Yet another distant cousin this time from the Lancaster line!)

Laura Warner (Kent)
27 March 2002
Hi Jane and all my other relations.

Great web site, too much to take in at once, will keep visiting.

See you soon.

Luv Karen
Karen Prime (nee finney)
20 March 2002
Hi Jane

Brilliant website! Although sometimes it's a bit scary finding out who your ancestors are, or what they got up to!!

love Katie
Katie MacLellan (nee Lancaster)
13 February 2002
Bren &
11 February 2002
Hello second cousin once removed! I see you've done like me and grafted a new branch onto the family tree.

I'd like to put the link on my genealogy page. Let me know one way or the other.

Got to go back and fix some of those marriages, etc and get the new branch in shape.

Nik Finney
11 February 2002
Being #1, I'm glad to make a lonely WebMaster a little happier. Greetings from the Great White North. It is currently -18°C and I'm sitting here pleased as punch that there are more Finney's on the Web.

You've put a lot of work into this site, keep it up. It sure would be interesting if there is a family connection through John B Finney &
Nik Finney
9 February 2002

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